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[Letter to Thomas Falconer - June 28, 1846]

Description: Letter from unknown author from Washington [D.C.] to Falconer thanking him for a letter and an article from the Washington Review. The author hopes that the "vexatious" war with Mexico will be cut short and references the border dispute between Oregon and Canada that was settled by the 1846 Oregon Treaty. The letter is incomplete.
Date: June 28, 1846
Partner: Southwestern University

[Photograph of Petersburg Courthouse]

Description: Photograph of The Old Tavern Stand, Townsend Inn, Nelson Academy, and Petersburg Courthouse (one building) in Lavaca County, Texas. Petersburg, Texas, the first seat of Lavaca County when the county was organized in August 1846, was located six miles southeast of Hallettsville. Hallettsville was made the county seat in an 1852 election.
Date: [1846..1880]
Partner: Friench Simpson Memorial Library

Travis County Probate Records: County Clerk Probate Minutes 53

Description: Travis County probate minutes documenting probate cases from June 1846 to August 1923. Recorded copies of proceedings of the county court sitting as a probate court in cases involving estates of deceased individuals. Shows term of court, date of proceedings, names of officers present, subject of hearing, names of interested parties present, orders of the court, signed approval of county judge, and clerk's attestation. Arranged chronologically by date recorded.
Date: 1846-06/1923-08
Creator: Travis County (Tex.). Clerk's Office.
Partner: Travis County Clerk’s Office

Travis County Probate Records: County Clerk Probate Record B

Description: Recorded copies of documents pertaining to cases probated in county court from June 1846 to approximately 1862, showing case number, style of case, and date filed. Includes oaths and bonds of guardians; court orders and judgments; waivers; copies of wills; applications for probate, for guardians, for allowances, for orders authorizing the sale of real estate, and for letters testamentary; inventories; appraisements; lists of claims; notices; complaints contesting the probate of wills and the appointment of executors, administrators, or guardians; and applications authorizing the final disposition of estate and the discharge of the executor, administrator, or guardian and his bondsman. Arranged numerically by case number.
Date: 1846-06/1862~
Creator: Travis County (Tex.). Clerk's Office.
Partner: Travis County Clerk’s Office

[Original Platmap of the City of Palestine, TX]

Description: In 1846 the Texas Legislature created Palestine to serve as seat for the newly established Anderson County. James R. Fulton, Johnston Shelton and William Bigelow were hired by the first Anderson County commissioners to survey the surrounding land and lay out a town site, consisting of a central courthouse square and the surrounding 24 blocks.
Date: 1846
Partner: Palestine Public Library