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[Postcard to Dwaine and Thurman Maxwell, May 6, 1946]

Description: Postcard sent to Dwaine and Thurman Maxwell. On the reverse side of the postcard is a poem wishing good cheer and a scripture from Psalms at the bottom.
Date: May 6, 1946
Partner: Private Collection of Mary Newton Maxwell

[H. E. Byrne, President Tyler Commercial College, Tyler, Texas]

Description: Postcard containing a photograph, a portrait, and a letter from H. E. Byrne, President of Tyler Commercial College in Tyler, Texas. This alumni pamphelt discuss the school's progress and includes a group photograph of students from the University. The caption reads: "Picture of students in daily attendance at Tyler Commercial College, Tyler, Texas. Positively America's Largest School of Bookkeeping, Shorthand, and Telegraphy ~~1500 Enrollments Annually. Two Large Buildings. ~~Twenty Teachers~~ Positions Secured~~ Write for Free Catalogue."
Date: unknown
Creator: Byrne, H. E.
Partner: Private Collection of Mary Newton Maxwell

[Postcard of Gatesville, Texas High School Exterior]

Description: Postcard with a photo of the exterior of Gatesville High School on the front. The school is at least three-stories tall, with windows along each story, and a steep flight of steps leading up to the entrance. There is a partition wall running parallel to the front of the school, and several large trees blocking another building adjoining the school. Clouds are visible in the sky in the background, and a grassy lawn in the foreground. On the back are the postcard markings with a short description of the photo and the photographer's name.
Date: unknown
Creator: John A. Stryker
Partner: Private Collection of Mary Newton Maxwell

[Photographic Portrait of Thurman and Herman Maxwell]

Description: Postcard featuring twin infants Thurman and Herman Maxwell, children of Franklin Lee and Nancy Maxwell. They are sitting on a chair with spiral metalwork on its back and legs. The twins are wearing white dresses and bonnets. "Twins" has been written over their heads in red ink, and a T and H have been written on their heads. The reverse side of the postcard has the infants' names written in blue marker, and a handwritten note that reads "To grandma and uncle Ben."
Date: 1913
Partner: Private Collection of Mary Newton Maxwell