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[Illustrated Song Postcard, "Go on Smiling": Part 4]

Description: Postcard addressed to Mamie Collins in Central City, Nebraska, and is the last of four romance cards sent to Mamie. The photograph shows a man and a woman leaning against a stone wall, the woman is wearing a white dress and the man is wearing a suit; the caption on the bottom of the photograph reads: "Promise in your eyes I find find my sunshine Go on smiling dear." There is a note on the back of the card that says: "Do you promise?"
Date: October 24, 1908
Creator: Scott & Van Altena
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch

[Thanksgiving Postcard to Mamie Collins from Katharine E. Wheatly, November 24, 1908]

Description: Postcard to Mamie Collins in Central City, Nebraska from Katharine E. Wheatly with an illustration of a large turkey on the front and the caption "I wonder why they are feeding me so lately" printed at the bottom. There is a note from Wheatly on the reverse side that reads: "Dea Miss Mamie, I received all of the pretty little dollies and also the postal, I was sure glad to see you thought of me. I am well again now. How are you? Also how is your sister?"
Date: November 24, 1908
Creator: Wheatly, Katharine E.
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch