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[Battle of Ciudad Juárez, 1911 #2]

Description: Postcard image of people examining an adobe building that was damaged by cannons and bullets during the Battle of Ciudad Juarez. The image was taken from one corner of the building and there are groups of people wearing formal clothing and hats standing along both visible sides, including several looking into the interior from atop rubble where the corner of the building is missing. Handwritten note on back: "Juarez, Mexico, 9-28-1911. Hello Bud, Just over looking at some of the battle scenes. Leave El Paso tonight. Bro. Laurence."
Date: September 28, 1911
Creator: Horne, Walter H., 1883-1921 & Tripp, Laurence
Partner: El Paso Public Library

[Custom House building, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico]

Description: Postcard of the Custom House building in Nuevo Laredo. The back of the postcard includes a thank you note addressed to Capt. Elmer C. Croom from L. R. de la Peña.
Date: 1935-07-28?
Creator: de la Peña, L. R.
Partner: Laredo Public Library

[Customs Officers and Guards #1]

Description: Photograph of a group of people standing outside a one-story brick building with the caption, "Customs Officers and Guards. Juarez, Mexico." There appears to be a main entrance to the right and a smaller doorway on an addition to the left; both doorways are decorated with Mexican flags and banners aw well as a framed picture of President Venustiano Carranza above the left doorway. Seven men are standing around the outside of the building including two in the main doorway (one holding a shotgun) and a man and a woman in the second doorway. The back of the postcard is addressed to Sr. Guillermo Stein.
Date: April 28, 1914
Creator: Stein, William & Horne, Walter H., 1883-1921
Partner: El Paso Public Library

[Hamilton Hotel, Laredo, Texas]

Description: Postcard with a postmark from June 28, 1911 in Kansas City. The photograph on the front shows the Hamilton Hotel in Laredo, Texas before 1906. There is a letter written on the back of the postcard in pencil.
Date: June 28, 1911
Partner: Laredo Public Library

[Portrait of a Small Child in Chair]

Description: Portrait of a small child in a wooden chair with hand on arm rest. The small child is sitting on a pillow which is the chair. The chair is made of wood.There is a note on the front of the photograph that reads " S. Reyes Fotographo San Antanio, Tex. There is a note on the back of the photograph in Spanish.
Date: June 28, 1931
Partner: Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas

[A portrait of Willie Wedell & John Anizan]

Description: A formal portrait of two men. The man on the left, identified on the back as Willie Wedell, is sitting on a stool. The man on the right, identified as John Anizan, is standing with his right hand resting on the other man's left shoulder. Both men are dressed in two-piece dark suits with white dress shirts and bowties. Their jackets are open. John Anizan wears a pocket watch clipped to his jacket lapel and a pen or pencil in his jacket pocket. On the back of the postcard is written: "Dear Sister This Picture was taken when I come from worke Dont I look bored I got fired last night and put Back to work again Wel BYBY Wm. J. Wedell." The postcard is stamped "Savannah Photo Co. 24 E. Broughton Savannah Ga." It is addressed to Mrs. A. Pike Texas City Texas. The card is postmark stamped: "May 28 1913 5 - PM Savannah Ga." Written in ink over the back of the postcard are " X John Anizan brother of Tony" and "X Willie Wedell."
Date: May 28, 1913
Creator: Savannah Photo Co.
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[Postcard Addressed to Mamie Collins, August 28, 1907]

Description: Postcard with a photograph of a group of people around a small structure, two women are sitting on top of a small wooden rising, the caption reads: "A part of a big picnic crowd from Marlin do you see me?" The not on the back of the card reads: "Have had a dandy time and go home today. Will see you soon."
Date: August 28, 1907
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch

[Postcard from Ann Farman to Junia Roberts Osterhout, October 28, 1879]

Description: A postcard from Ann Farman to her sister, Junia Roberts Osterhout, expressing Ann's desire to see Junia before she returns home. She told Junia she could not visit yet because her mother was feeling ill and she was disappointed that Junia could not visit.
Date: October 28, 1879
Creator: Farman, Ann
Partner: Austin College

[Postcard from Craig Sisters to Mrs. Doug Craig, June 28, 1930]

Description: Postcard from the Craig sisters to their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Craig, discussing their journey to and arrival in Boerne, Texas. The postcard features a photograph of an observation tower surrounded by large trees. A wooden suspension bridge hangs above a large ditch, leading to the wooded area just to the observation tower.
Date: June 28, 1930
Creator: Southern Post Card Co.
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Postcard from E. Lucas to Lucy Dodge, October 28, 1917]

Description: Postcard from E. Lucas to Lucy Dodge, discussing the safety of a boxy Lucy sent her, her own illness, and the city of Boerne, Texas. The postcard features a photograph, colored in with ink, of a driveway along the side of a tall sloping hill and the surrounding area. Further down the winding dirt drive, there is a suspension bridge across the road. The environment has lots of scrub brush and small, bushy trees.
Date: October 28, 1917
Creator: Lucas, E.
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Postcard from Elaine Harmon to Rig and Mary Emma Edwards, November 28, 1993]

Description: Postcard from Elaine Harmon to Rig and Mary Emma Edwards discussing a newspaper picture they sent her, Thanksgiving, and spending time with family. The front of the postcard depicts five dalmation dogs sitting at a table with the caption "Only in Texas."
Date: November 28, 1993
Creator: Harmon, Elaine
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Postcard from Evol Gilmore to Johnie Louise Bruyere, December 28, 1926]

Description: Postcard from Evol Gilmore to Johnie Louise Bruyere, December 28, 1926. The front bears a drawing of a river and surrounding grass covered in snow. It reads: "I cannot say one thing that's new/So send the same old wish to you. Merry Christmas." The note on the back reads "Wishing you a happy Xmas and a bright New Year. Your friend, Evol Gilmore."
Date: December 28, 1926
Creator: Gilmore, Evol
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis

[Postcard from Henry A. Castle to M. S. King, May 28, 1898]

Description: Postcard from Henry Castle, auditor of the US postal service, to M. S. King, postmaster of Splendora, Texas, informing him of the results of an audit.
Date: May 28, 1898
Creator: Castle, Henry A.
Partner: Private Collection of the CC Cox Family

[Postcard from Henry Clay, Jr. to his Family, April 28, 1917]

Description: Postcard from Henry Clay, Jr. to his family back home in Texas regarding his current trip across the Atlantic Ocean. Clay does not say anything of great importance in this letter but was recovering from his recent sea-sickness.
Date: April 28, 1917
Creator: Clay, Henry, Jr.
Partner: The University of Texas at Dallas

[Postcard from L. E. C. to Junia Roberts Osterhout, April 28, 1911]

Description: Postcard from L. E. C. to Junia Roberts Osterhout. The photo on the front is a group of people swimming in the water by Corpus Christi. They are all wearing dark swimsuits and near one of the people is a post in the water. The female swimmers are wearing white caps. On the back, L. E. C. wrote that she wished Junia was with them and that her mother would be home soon.
Date: April 28, 1911
Creator: Osterhout, Junia
Partner: Rice University Woodson Research Center

[Postcard from Mabel to Mrs. M. E. Wise, November 28, 1949]

Description: Postcard from Mabel to Mrs. M. E. Wise, thanking her for her letter, sending her apologies that Mrs. Wise's father is unwell, and promising to explain why she will be unable to visit Boulder, Colorado until February. The front of the postcard features a photograph of two women standing on a large rock inside a dark cavern. Both women are wearing trousers and t-shirts, and the woman on the right has her hair pulled back into small draped turban. They are illuminated by a light from somewhere on the ground, which also reveals the large rock formations on the cave wall behind them. At their feet is a sign that reads, "Visit Cascade Caverns." The name of the cave, "Tobacco Room," is printed at the top of the postcard.
Date: November 28, 1949
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Postcard from the Mosaic Press]

Description: A postcard from the Mosaic Press announcing a miniature book with a silver cover.
Date: October 28, 1981
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Postcard of a Fire Department, Indianapolis, Indiana]

Description: Postcard of a fire department at a station, lined up with (from left to right) a hose wagon, a fire engine, and a hook and ladder. On the back of the postcard, the sender has left a handwritten message that says, "This is the only card I have so far been able to [...] the Fire Dept. Should I find more, will send them to you."
Date: June 28, 1909
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas
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