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República Mexicana plano del curso del Rio Coatzacoalcos desde la confluencia del Malatengo hasta su boca en el Seño Mexicano.

Description: Map shows mid-nineteenth century settlements and tributaries of the Coatzacoalcos River in Mexico. Includes notes, table of observations, and legend. Inset: "Plano de la Boca del Rio Coatzacoalcos." Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by soundings. Scale [1:250,000] and [scale 1:50,000].
Date: 1843
Creator: Moro, Cayetano
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Mitchell's national map of the American Republic or United States of North America : Together with maps of the vicinities of thirty-two of the principal cities and towns in the Union.

Description: Map shows cities, roads, railroads, swamps, and areas of Native American habitation in the eastern United States and portions of Iowa [Territory], "Indian Territory," and [the Republic of] Texas. Includes three population tables. Insets: "Map of the north-eastern boundary of the United States," "Map of the Southern Part of Florida," three population tables. Relief shown by hachures. Scale [ca. 1:3,375,000].
Date: 1843
Creator: Young, J. H. (James Hamilton)
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Carte de l'Amérique Méridionale Dresseé et dessinée sous la direction de Mr. J.G. Barbié du Bocage, 1843

Description: Map shows political divisions for South America, including "Empire du Bresil," "Rep. de La Plata ou Buenos Aires," "Rep. de la Nlle. Grenade," "Patagonie," and "Rep. de Venezuela." Inset: [Map of islands along a portion of the coast of the Antarctic Polar Circle]. Relief shown by hachures. Scale [1:32,000,000].
Date: 1843
Creator: Barbié du Bocage, A. D.
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Political map of North America : adapted to Woodbridge's Geography.

Description: Map shows major political divisions, territories, areas of Native American habitation, and major cities for Russian America, British America, the United States, Central America, and Mexico. Includes "References & Explanations" and notes. Relief shown by form lines. Scale [ca. 1:40,600,000].
Date: 1843
Creator: Woodbridge, William C. (William Channing), 1794-1845
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

United States and Texas.

Description: Map shows state and territorial boundaries, existing railroads, proposed railroads, canals, lighthouses, cities, towns, major roads, and notable physical features; independent Texas, "Kanzas" Territory, Minnesota Territory, and Nebraska Territory. Inset: "Sketch of the River Niagara." Relief shown by hachures. Scale [ca. 1:5 000 000] and [ca. 1:550 000].
Date: [1840..1843]
Creator: Johnston, Alexander Keith, 1804-1871
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

[Keepsake and letter]

Description: Scan of a keepsake next to a letter, the letter reads "I made this little keepsake from a counter---- which was woven by my grandmother from home --- thread and given to my mother on her wedding day May 15, 1834. Mother, December 25, 1915. Two negro women with a child were given her also - wouldn't they make queer bridal presents for this century? Who can say Christianity is not making ----!"
Date: 1843/1915
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

North America.

Description: Map shows Texas separate from Mexico, Alaska as "Russian America," provinces and states, major cities and towns. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Scale not given.
Date: February 25, 1843
Creator: Chapman and Hall
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library


Description: Map shows major roads, canals, railroads, counties, cities, towns, township boundaries; coal region and mining activity. Insets: "Coal region" and "Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware Counties." Relief shown by hachures and pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:1,370,000].
Date: 1843
Creator: Morse, Sidney E. (Sidney Edwards), 1794-1871
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Geological map of the Middle and Western states.

Description: Map shows geological composition of the upper midwest, Great Lakes, and central Atlantic states east of the Mississippi River; counties and county seats. Includes key to geological composition. Relief shown by hachures. Scale [ca. 1:1,810,000].
Date: 1843?
Creator: Hall, James, 1811-1898
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

[Paper Fragment with Notes]

Description: Paper fragment with handwritten notes. There are several dates written on the front ranging from October 11, 1843 to November 19, 1845, along with some dollar amounts next to each date. The writing on the back mentions God and the church and other religious topics.
Date: 1843/1845
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

Map of America.

Description: Map shows North and South America, "West India Islands," Polynesia, New Zealand, Alaska as Russian Possessions, Texas as a separate entity, political divisions in South America, major cities, and dates and explorers for some islands. Relief shown by hachures. Scale not given.
Date: 1843
Creator: Wyld, James, 1812-1887
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

German-Texan Heritage Society Newsletter, Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 1984

Description: Newsletter of the German-Texan Heritage Society providing information about news and events related to the work of the organization as well as stories, articles, genealogical data and other information of interest to members collected from representatives across Texas.
Date: Autumn 1984
Creator: German-Texan Heritage Society
Partner: German-Texan Heritage Society
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