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[Postcard of Treue der Union Monument, Comfort, Texas]

Description: Postcard of the Treue der Union Civil War monument in Comfort, Texas. The postcard features a photograph of a light-colored stone monument sitting on a small grassy hill, surrounded by a rope fence with small stone posts. Behind the monument, there is a tall tree. The back of the postcard is blank except for postcard markings.
Date: unknown
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Description of Treue Der Union Civil War Monument]

Description: Typewritten description of the Treue der Union monument in Comfort, Texas, for the Kendall County Historical Marker sign. The description includes a brief history behind the monument, and the German Union soldiers who honored their fallen comrades by burying them at the site. The description also provides a translation of the monument's name to "Loyalty to the Union." Three photographs also accompany the typewritten description.
Date: 1968
Creator: Texas Historical Survey Committee
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library