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[Letter from Will McGee to Charles, Mary and Linnet Moore, February 3, 1898]

Description: Letter from Will McGee to Mary, Linnet, and Charles B. Moore in which he informs them that Will Love has died. Frank Wallace sold his interest in a store he had with Enfield. He also wrote about attending a "social." He states that he sold his horse. He is currently working on Mr. McKinley's house.
Date: February 3, 1898
Creator: McGee, Will
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Inventory of Property, 1898]

Description: Inventory of Property owned by Charles B. Moore in Collin County, Texas. The form asked for information on livestock, carriages, wagons, and bicycles, sewing and knitting machines, and jewelry, among other things.
Date: 1898
Creator: Chandler, J. F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Belle to her friends and family, 1898]

Description: A letter from Belle in Tellico Plains, Tennessee, to her friends and family (the "home folks") in 1898. In the letter, Belle describes the events that took place during a great rain storm and subsequent river flooding in Tellico Plains, near the Tellico Lumber mill. While trying to secure her belongings and escape the home of Mr. Heyser, the general manager of Tellico Lumber, Belle fell into the water beneath a rearing horse ("Joe the horse"). She was saved by John Ballon, a black preacher, whom she called her "hero." Belle mentions that she plans to join Ballon's church and send him a poem entitled "John Ballon and the Flood of '98." Many of the belongings of all involved families were destroyed, but everyone made it out of the flooded area alive.
Date: 1898
Creator: Belle
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

Cattle Ranges of the Southwest

Description: This book contains information about the use and condition of Texas pastures contemporary with the book. It also gives information about the obstacles in the way of renewing the cattle ranges and how the cattle ranges could possibly be renewed.
Date: 1898
Creator: Bentley, Henry Lewis
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Medicine brochure]

Description: Booklet about Coltsfoote expectorant, "Come from the Fields and the Forests"; $1.00 a bottle, small booklet with 1 staple to hold it together; printed by T.A. Slocum Co.
Date: 1898
Creator: T. A. Slocum Co.
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum


Description: Map shows late nineteenth century Kansas counties, railroads, cities and towns. Includes index of counties and chief cities with population statistics. Scale [ca. 1:2,134,000].
Date: 1898
Creator: Rand McNally and Company
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

[Photograph of Women and Children]

Description: Photograph of five women and girls of varying ages sitting together outside of a building, with a young boy in the background. Charlie Mary Noble is identified as the woman wearing a white blouse and dark skirt and sitting in the middle front.
Date: 1898~
Partner: Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Post route map of the territory of New Mexico : Showing post offices with the intermediate distances on mail routes in operation on the 1st of September 1898.

Description: Map shows major postal routes, frequency of delivery, towns, counties, railroads, and watershed. Includes: "Explanation of mail services," "List of counties in New Mexico territory," railroads, forts, mail routes, and Post Office Department logo. Scale [ca. 1:825,000].
Date: 1898
Creator: Von Haake, A.
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

[Letter to Mary Moore and Friends,September 13, 1898]

Description: The letter mentions irrigation. The girls went to a show at the opera theater. Will's wife bed her head. She talks about being tired after walking. She mentions snow and she sent something to Texas. She saw 3 trains, but no Texans. She says that Linnet was being lazy and she tried to send off a letter. Linnet is going to wash their clothes. She talks about crops in Colorado and the different families she is related to. She visited a young apple orchard. She mentions the price of distilled water. She talks about food that they have enjoyed. She received a letter from Tom. They finally returned from their trip and she is sick.
Date: September 13, 1898
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Map of Utah]

Description: Map shows counties, existing and proposed railroads, Indian reservations, cities, towns, and notable physical features. Relief shown by hachures. Scale [1:2,400,000].
Date: [1892..1894]
Creator: Rand McNally and Company
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library


Description: Map shows major roads, canals, railroads, counties, cities, towns, township boundaries; railroads for the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas on insets. Relief shown by shading. Relief shown by shading. Scale [ca. 1:1,375,000].
Date: [1878..1898]
Creator: Walker, Emery, Sir, 1851-1933
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library