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[Letter from Opal E. Drury to Mrs. Moore and Linnet, February 14, 1910]

Description: Letter from Ohal E. Drury to Mrs. Moore and Linnet. He mentions he has just gotten out of school and mentions who his teachers are. They gave one of the dolls they sent to the baby. He answers their question about pecans. He talks about the pony his father was working with. He talks about what he did for Christmas and decides to end the letter.
Date: February 14, 1910
Creator: Drury, Opal E.
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[Commencement Announcement for North Texas State Normal College, May 1910]

Description: Graduation announcement for the commencement ceremony of the 1910 class of North Texas State Normal College. The announcement is a plain sheet of cardstock; in the upper left hand corner, there is a raised image of the school's seal above the text, which reads: "The Senior Class of North Texas State Normal College requests your presence at their Commencement Exercises May twenty-second to twenty-fourth nineteen hundred and ten College Auditorium."
Date: May 1910
Creator: North Texas State Normal College
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[Men and women on the lawn of a boarding house]

Description: Photograph of a group of students sitting on the lawn in front of an unidentified boarding house. The image is affixed to a cardboard matte and a list of handwritten names is written on the back of the matte. The image is undated. The names on the back are: Mrs. D.W. Brown, Denton, Texas; Ruby Granger, Comanche; Miss Emma Martin, Savoy; Nora Brown, Denton, Texas; Jonna Gillispie, Edgewood; J.D. Cochran, Ft. Worth; C.A. Glass, Farmersville Coll. Co. Texas; Maud Quindlin, Edgewood, Texas; Miss Clara Sadler, Coalgate, I.T.; Miss Celia Jenkins, Edgewood, Texas; Miss Margarite Thornton, Arlington, Texas; J.W. Rodgers, Van Alstyne, Grayson, Texas; Miss Stella Womack, Fairfield, Texas; Raymond Odell, Gustine, Texas; Miss Ozella McMan (possibly McNair); Opal Cathey, Comanche, Texas; Routh, Blanket, Texas; Miss Bessie Burks, Comanche; Miss Cecil Crawford, Louisville, Texas; Myrtle Brown, Denton, Texas; Miss Nellie Nelson, Sulphur Springs; Andrew Tally, Kerens Navara (Navaro), Texas; Elzma Cunningham, Comanche; H.C. Dodd, Rosalee; L.L. Neal Olney, Young, Texas; Miss Jennie Greene, Denton, Texas; Mineral Wells. The photograph may have been taken at the D.W. Brown home on Oak Street, which acted as a boarding house for students. The photograph was most likely taken between 1900 and 1910.
Date: 19uu
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[Main Building at NTSNC]

Description: Photograph of a print of the Main Building, also known as the Old Main Building, on the NTSNC campus. There is a large tree in front of it and another building in the background. Tape borders the print.
Date: 1910/1923
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[Contract for telephone service, February 25, 1910]

Description: Contract for telephone service from the Nebraska Telephone Company. The contract is for Claude D. White. It states that White will pay $2.50 on the first day of the month for telephone service. The document is signed by White and the company's contract agent on February 25, 1910.
Date: February 25, 1910
Creator: White, Claude D.
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[Account statement, November 10, 1910]

Description: Account statement from the Charles B. Moore Collection. This statement is composed of informal tabulations of deposits and check amounts. The account was with the Melissa State Bank.
Date: November 10, 1910
Creator: Melissa State Bank
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