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[6 Cards from "72 Pictured Party Stunts"]

Description: Six cards taken from a 1930s party game called "72 Pictured Party Stunts." Each card has an illustration and lists an action or activity that is stereotypical or attributed to a particular ethnic group. The backs of the cards are decorated with a geometric design in blue, with a portrait of a woman in the center.
Date: 1935
Creator: Whitman Publishing Company
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Grey Notebook]

Description: Scrapbook containing photographs, church bulletins, newspaper and magazine clippings, baptistry painting interpretations, etc. related to the various churches and individuals with whom Perry was associated. Special items of note: 1. Typed letter from J. Allman Pitts with church in Blackwell, Oklahoma thanking Perry for the painting. Perry notes, "It is letters like this that causes me to give so much of my time painting." --2. Article from Miami Sunday News Magazine "Seventh Avenue Church of Christ" giving extensive history of that congregation --3. Article on the history of the Church of Christ in Monroe, Louisiana --4. Letter from Otis Gatewood to Don Morris, President of Abilene Christian College, introducing Yvonne Noel and asking for a place for her at the college.
Date: 1935/1966
Partner: Abilene Christian University Library

[Col. Hugh B. and Helen Moore with an unidentified couple]

Description: A photograph of Col. and Mrs. Moore with two unidentified people standing in front of bushes near a multi-storied commercial or institutional building. From left to right the individuals are: Col. Hugh B. Moore, dressed in a dark suit and bow tie and holding a straw hat; Helen Edmunds Moore with her arm through Col. Moore's arm; an unidentified man dressed in a dark suit and tie and wearing a hat, and an unidentified woman in a white dress and hat with her arms behind her back.
Date: [1935..1939]
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[A portrait of Helen Edmunds Moore]

Description: A portrait of Helen Edmunds Moore looking to the right. Mrs. Moore wears a short hairstyle, parted on the left. She wears a tweed jacket over a blouse with a bar pin at the v-neckline. She is also wearing a string of pearls. On the back of the photograph is written: "Photo by Naschke."
Date: 1935
Creator: Naschke
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[Group portrait of St. Theresa (Czech) Lodge]

Description: Group portrait of St. Theresa (Czech) Lodge with Catholic priest in front of Rosenberg Lodge Hall, ca. 1935. Members of group who are identified on the back in pencil are: Mrs. Amelia Hrncir, Julia Perietz, Clara Maresh, Mrs. Matina, Annie Perietz, Lillie Maresh, Marie Matina, Celia Perietz. The priest is standing next to the third row on far right of photograph. White wooden building in background. Top of a flag in back row, left. Two girls are holding a banner on right, front row. Writing in Czech at bottom of photograph. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1935
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Photograph of Soldiers at a Battle]

Description: Photograph of three soldiers on a battle field. Two of the men are standing casually and the third is seated in the grass. All are surrounding a mortar. The man on the left has a radio and the seated man has binoculars. Text on the back reads, "Foster Lee Battle, Lost, Arlington High School 1935."
Date: 1935
Partner: Arlington Historical Society’s Fielder House Museum

Map of the United States Canal Zone : showing the completed Panama Canal.

Description: Map shows boundaries between the U.S. Canal Zone and the Republic of Panama, canal route, railroads, the French canal, harbors details, reservoirs, notable geographical features, cities and towns; Alhajuela Storage Basin as under construction. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Scale [ca. 1:432,000].
Date: [1930..1935]
Creator: C.S. Hammond & Company
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library