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[Correspondence Between Meyer Bodansky and the American Society of Clinical Pathologists - 1937]

Description: Correspondence between Dr. Meyer Bodansky and Dr. A. S. Giordano of The American Society of Clinical Pathologists regarding a paper by Bodansky and several other authors to change the title to "Changes in Serum Calcium, Inorganic Phosphorus and Phosphatase Activity in the Pregnant Woman."
Date: {1937-03-03,1938-01-31,1938-02-05}
Creator: Bodansky, Meyer, 1896-1941 & Giordano, A. S.
Partner: Moody Medical Library, UT

[3 Soviet Chervontsa]

Description: Paper bill worth three Soviet chervontsa used during the reign of the Soviet Union (now Russia). This bill has a portrait of Vladimir Lenin on the far right side of the front, and a large "3" printed on the far left side. The back of the bill has a purple printed border outlining Russian text and a large "3" in the center.
Date: 1937
Partner: Pioneer City County Museum

[Sooner Display]

Description: Photograph of a stack of dummies labeled "Aggies" next to a white vehicle with the text "Sooner Special" on the side. Another dummy hangs upside down to the right, and letters set on the grass read "The Wreck of 37". A brick building is visible in the background.
Date: 1937
Partner: The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum

[Wooden shipping box]

Description: Wooden shipping box for "Kelly Perfect Axes, Kelly Axe & Tool Works of the American Fork & How Co. Charleston, W.Va., USA." (preceding text printed on side of box) Box contained "4 to 5 Dayton Pattern No. 2 hdls Red Tip Thin Blade," according to text printed on bottom of the box. 10-19-1937 imprinted on one end of the box. Water stains evident on wood.
Date: 1937
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Bookano Stories: with Pictures That Spring Up in Model Form No. 4]

Description: Photographs of "Bookano Stories with Pictures That Spring Up in Model Form" edited by S. Louis Giraud, held by UNT Special Collections. The cover of the book is an illustration royalty riding in a carriage, including a queen in extravagant clothes, a man in a striped outfit and a few children sitting around the. The carriage is gold with colorful ribbon around the top, water and buildings seen in the background. The title is at the top in red letter, with the subtitle in blue. Image 2, pop-up of Pan playing a pipe in the wood, surrounded by trees with colorful scenery and animals in the trees. In front of it the page is titled "The Pipes of Pan." Image 3, hands holding on to a colorful pop-up while setting a white weighted string over it. Image 4, two hands propping up the pop-up of Pan, with the page in front of it a bright yellow and the page behind it showing a dark night. Image 5, front view of the pop-up of Pan showing the colorful parts around the trees, the top of it a dark bright blue with a bright yellow moon partially seen. Image 6, closeup of front view of Pan pop-up. Image 7, top view of Pan pop-up with a white weighted string over the page in front of it. Image 8, pop-up on two black pages with a red circle in the middle framed by black and then white. The pop-up is of a Dalmatian with a huge head and its red tongue sticking out. Image 9, side view of Dalmatian pop-up. Image 10, front vie of Dalmatian pop-up. Image 11, top vie closeup of Dalmatian pop-up with more focus on its giant red tongue.
Date: March 1, 2020
Creator: Gellner, Megan
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections