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[Correspondence between Meyer Bodansky and J. L. Whitman - February 1941]

Description: Letters between Dr. Meyer Bodansky and J. L. Whitman from the Department of Chemistry at the Texas Christian University. The second letter, which is from Mr. Whitman, urges Dr. Bodansky to consider membership to The American Institute of Chemists. The first letter, which is from Dr. Bodansky, is a response in which he states that he will consider the membership.
Date: February 18, 1941
Creator: Whitman, J. L. & Bodansky, Meyer, 1896-1941
Item Type: Letter
Partner: Moody Medical Library, UT

[Funeral Program for Eddie Williams, February 18, 1941]

Description: Funeral program for Eddie Williams. The funeral was held February 18, 1941 at Second Baptist Church. Funeral arrangements were made through Frank E. Lewis, and he was buried in the National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas.
Date: February 18, 1941
Item Type: Pamphlet
Partner: San Antonio Public Library