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Balancing Act

Description: Photograph of aerialists performing a trick on stage for a large crowd of onlookers. One aerialist balances on a large ball on top of another man's shoulders. Two other performers stand behind the balancing act.
Date: unknown
Partner: Witte Museum

Medota Carnival

Description: Photograph of Sabino Gomez performing with the Abreu family at the Mendota Carnival. Sabino Gomez carries two members of the Abreu family on his shoulders on a stage in the middle of the town square. Onlookers surround the stage and watch the performance.
Date: unknown
Partner: Witte Museum

[H. Nordwald & Co. Sucs. Inc. Furniture Factory]

Description: Photograph of the H. Nordwald & Co. Sucs. Inc. Furniture Factory building. People stand among a line of cars parked in front of the building. Smokestacks, a truck laden with a stack of mattresses, and a sign that reads "Home of Sealy Mattress Co., a Pillow for the Body" can be seen to the left.
Date: 1941~
Creator: Blumenthal, Harry
Partner: El Paso Public Library

[Photograph of Soldiers in Training]

Description: Photograph of several uniformed and helmeted soldiers performing a training exercise. Two soldiers can be seen hanging by their arms from a wooden mast, attempting to cross a small pit. There is a handwritten list of names on the back.
Date: [1942..1943]
Partner: The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum