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[Portrait of Park Burton Fielder]

Description: Portrait of Park Burton Fielder, visible from the chest up; he is wearing a military uniform with a dark-colored jacket and matching hat. Text on the back reads, "Grandson of Jim and Mattie Fielder. Park Burton Fielder. Age 22. 1942. Named for grandfathers! James Park Fielder, Peter Burton McNatt."
Date: 1942
Partner: Arlington Historical Society’s Fielder House Museum

[Flying Cadets' Oath]

Description: A handwritten oath signed by four Flying Cadets. It reads: "Brogdon House, April 9, 1943. We the undersigned do solemnly swear, that on or about June 1, 1942 by oath to ourselves, we have agreed to become Flying Cadets. Furthermore: that we will go as a group, unless called to Colors before our enlistment date - In All-mighty GOD we trust and rest our future. Signed this date: Edward Gaynel Gregory, Gene Douglas Mitchell, Elton Leslie Brogdon, James O. Elder, Jack Verne Watson."
Date: April 9, 1942
Partner: Arlington Historical Society’s Fielder House Museum

[Cards From Crossing the Equator]

Description: Two cards received by Jack Vaughan with a note that says "Cards I was given when I crossed the equator June 1942." The first card is labeled "Ancient Order of the Deep" certifying that Vaughan crossed the equator aboard the U.S.S. Wharton. The second card is labeled "Domain of Neptunus Rex" verifying that Vaughan had crossed the equator aboard the U.S.S. Wichita.
Date: June 1, 1942
Partner: Arlington Public Library

Know Your Enemy: Japan!

Description: A pamphlet published during World War II about Japan, organized into sections answering ten questions: I. How large is the Japanese Empire? -- II. Is Japan self-sufficient in food? -- III. Is Japan self-sufficient in raw materials? -- IV. How will Japan's conquests in Southern Asia affect her raw material position? -- V. If Japan is so poor in raw materials, how was she able to become a great industrial power? -- VI. What are the present living standards of the Japanese people? -- VII. Who owns Japanese banks and industry? -- VIII. How is Japan governed? -- IX. Are there Trade Unions in Japan? -- X. What is Japan's naval and military strength?
Date: 1942
Creator: Jenkinson, Anthony
Partner: Arlington Historical Society’s Fielder House Museum

Make and Mend

Description: Booklet describing the best ways to mend, alter, or reuse clothing in order to make garments last longer or avoid buying new items during World War II.
Date: 1942
Creator: The Spool Cotton Company
Partner: Arlington Historical Society’s Fielder House Museum

[Christmas Wishes from Mildred Reddy, December 2, 1942]

Description: Christmas greeting card from Mildred Reddy to Jack Vaughan, on December 2, 1942. The front shows a drawing of an American flag enclosed in a star, with a red, white, and blue musical staff in the background. She wishes him a merry Christmas, and hopes that he and the army will make it back safely.
Date: December 2, 1942
Creator: Garvin, Mildred Reddy
Partner: Arlington Public Library

[Keep 'Em Flying booklet]

Description: Book issued to flying cadets, including information such as officer personnel, student officers, cadet of the class of June 1942, and details of cadet life.
Date: June 1942
Creator: Austin, Garth G.
Partner: Arlington Historical Society’s Fielder House Museum