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[Photograph of 1945 U.S.S. Texas Chief Yeoman]

Description: Photograph of three men in Navy uniforms. A handwritten note on the back of the photo names and describes the men: "Chief yeomen serving aboard the U.S.S. Texas during 1945. Chief Corky, standing, worked for engineering officer. Chief Tarrant, left seated, worked in captain's office. Chief Hawkins, right seated, worked in executive officer office."
Date: 1945
Partner: Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

[Photograph of a Boxing Match Aboard Ship]

Description: Photograph of a boxing match taking place, the back of the photo says this fight took place "somewhere in Pacific." This action shot shows the boxer on the right delivering a punch while the one on the left is attempting to cover himself and block the punch. There is a large number of sailors that came out to watch this fight take place.
Date: February 10, 1945
Partner: Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

[Photograph of a U.S.S. Texas Ship Party in 1945]

Description: Photograph of a U.S.S. Texas ship party taking place at Lakewood Country Club in Long Beach California on October 23, 1945. One of the higher ranking officers is seated front and center with his wife to the right; people in the front few rows are mostly seated.
Date: October 23, 1945
Creator: Morrell
Partner: Texas Parks & Wildlife Department