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[Directors of the American Brahman Breeders Association]

Description: Photograph of a group of fifteen men and one woman. They are the "Directors of the American Brahman Breeders Association Present at the Meeting Held March 17, 1947, at Houston, Texas" as type written on tape attached note on back of photograph. Also type written was identification of members: "Front Row (Left to right): G. A. Parr, Alice, Texas; R. G. Herrmann, Ocala, Florida; Edgar Hudgins, Hungerford, Texas; Afton Burke, President, Corsicana, Texas; Mrs. S. C. Border, Secretary, Hungerford, Texas; Claude C. Appling, Louise, Texas; Gail Whitcomb, Vice-President, Houston, Texas; Andrew Johnson, Port Bolivar, Texas. Back Row (Left to Right): Howard C. Parker, Center, Texas; Malcolm Levi, San Antonio, Texas; J. V. Gates, Poteet, Texas; Wm. States Jacobs, Houston, Texas; Bill Pate, Hidalgo, Texas; Wilbourn S. Gibbs, Huntsville, Texas; Houghton Brownlee, Burnet, Texas; Jack T. Garriett, Houston, Texas. Other members of the Board of Directors who were not present for this picture are as follows: Cecil Boyt, Devers, Texas; C. H. Beville, Bushnell, Florida; T. J. Durrance, Sr., Brighton, Florida; George Echols, Houston, Texas; O. J. Flowers, Menard, Texas; Fernando Calan, Havena, Cuba; A. P. George, Richmond, Texas; George Gilbert, Houston, Texas; Bob R. Jones, Slaughter, La.; M. G. Johnson, Edna, Texas; James M. McLemore, Alexandria, La; Henry O. Partin, Kissimmee, Florida; A. N. Smith, Blanks, La.; L. M. Slone, Bay City, Texas; N. S. Wittman, Beaumont, Texas". The typed notation is slightly faded and some letters are not easily distinguishable so names could be misinterpreted.
Date: March 17, 1947
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

[Firehall and Power House]

Description: Photograph of a fire hall and powerhouse with two fire trucks. There are power lines in front of the two buildings. Front of the photograph: "Brown & Root Inc. Contract Noy 13234. Fleet Berthing Facilities. Orange/Texas. Fire Hall & Powerhouse. 3/17/47 No. 104."
Date: unknown
Partner: Heritage House Museum