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[Brownsville, Texas]

Description: Postcard of Brownsville, Texas in 1904. On the left side of the image buildings line a street with trees lining the right. Horse drawn carriages are visible on the street. Handwritten text on back reads "Brownsville, 1904".
Date: 1904
Partner: The University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley


Description: Patent for low cost chimney cowl improvements to insure proper draft and prevent fires.
Date: March 12, 1918
Creator: Burch, Robert S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[News Script: TI]

Description: Script from the WBAP-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas relating a news story.
Date: March 1, 1969
Creator: WBAP-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Photo of Major E. M. Heath, L. M. Head, A. A. Head and Confederate Soldiers]

Description: Photograph of several confederate soldiers and nurses at a reunion of confederate soldiers. The man in the top right is identified as "Major E. M. Heath" and the woman next to him is one of his daughters. The front left man is "A. A. (Ben) Head," and the front right man is "L. M. (Bud) Head." The other two women are nurses and the other men are not identified. There is an attached note on the left side of the photo listing details about the pictured people.
Date: [..1902]
Partner: Johnson County Historical Commission

Liberty Lunch

Description: Photograph of exterior view of the Liberty Lunch nightclub, located at 405 West 2nd Street. It is a small brick building with faded paint.
Date: 197X
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Negro War Recreation Council Headquarters building]

Description: Photograph of the Negro War Recreation Council Headquarters building, a concrete frame building located at 702-14 East Avenue (now I-35) in the former city market, repurposed as a bus depot and recreation building for African American soldiers. The windows are 6/6 configuration, many of which are decoratively painted with stars, patriotic shields and the letter "V". The 5-panel double wooden entrance doors, at the center of the photograph, each have painted or decal flags on the second horizontal panel from the top. The sign above the doors reads: "HEADQUARTERS, SUB-BUS STATION, NEGRO WAR RECREATION COUNCIL". To the left of the doors sits a 1930s-era sedan, and to the left of that is a ground-mounted sign that reads: "SUB-BUS STATION for COLORED SOLDIERS". There is a large flag pole, without a flag, visible to the rear of photograph. A wooden bench sits in front of the right building bay. There are several suitcases on the bench, and an overcoat appears to be draped over some of them. The market building was originally constructed as a 1935 Public Works Administration (PWA) project, which opened in June 1935.
Date: January 6, 1944
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[St. David's Episcopal Church exterior]

Description: Photograph of an oblique view of the south front and west side of Saint David's Episcopal Church located at 301 East 8th Street. The gothic revival stone building has punched gothic windows, edged with stone quoins on the south facade, engaged pilasters and dormer vents. The symetrical south front has a central tower and castleated parapets. Two entrances are visible, both on the west facade: one on the south end and one on the north. There are four children standing in front of the west facade facing the camera, and what appears to be gas lamp standard at the southwest corner. The building was originally constructed in 1854. In 1870 the south addition was constructed, and the south tower was completed in 1885.
Date: 1885/1900
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Governor's Mansion]

Description: Print of the Texas Governor's Mansion from the southeast showing the front elevation and south elevation, the grounds, and a trellis to the left of the steps. The mansion is partially obscured by young trees. A large bush sits near the walkway on the right. The mansion was built by Abner Cook in 1855 and was continuously occupied since 1856. The occupant during this time in 1905 was Governor S.W.T. Lanham. The mansion was declared a Texas historical landmark in 1962 and a national historic landmark in 1970.
Date: 1905?
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Confederate Home for Men group photo]

Description: Large group portrait, including some Confederate veterans of the U.S. Civil War, in front of the Confederate Home For Men. A.W. Taber, superintendent, and wife Minnie Lee Taber, are in center forefront. The small child is Jean Sutherland.
Date: 192X
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Construction of Federal Building]

Description: Photograph of construction of the Brownsville Federal Building and post office, a three-story building consisting of floors and support beams with scaffolding on the right and a ladder leading up to the second floor. In the foreground there is a shed on the right, another long temporary structure, and a street with car driving on it. On the left there is an intersection with what appears to be gas station, a palm tree, and another car and in the background several houses and other buildings can be seen.
Date: May 2, 1932
Creator: A. Rogers Studio
Partner: Brownsville Historical Association

[Back of Federal Building]

Description: Photograph of the back of the Brownsville federal building, a large multi-story brick building with several rows of windows and two chimneys.In the foreground an automobile is parked on the street on the left and on the far right a man is carrying a box. To the left of the building in the background a crane is visible and in front of it there is a tree and a small light-colored building.
Date: October 3, 1932
Creator: A. Rogers Studio
Partner: Brownsville Historical Association

[Federal Building Southwest Side]

Description: Photograph of the Southwest side of the Brownsville federal building, a large multi-story brick and stone building with three rows of rectangular windows and three archways in the middle of the ground floor. There is a long wooden structure in front of the building and on the right a ladder is leaning against a second-story window. In the foreground an unidentified woman is standing in front of an automobile on the other side of the street and on the left tree branches are partially visible.
Date: December 1, 1932
Creator: A. Rogers Studio
Partner: Brownsville Historical Association

[Brownsville Post Office and Courthouse]

Description: Photograph of construction on the Brownsville U.S. courthouse and post office, a building consisting of two incomplete stories and no roof. The left part of the building is only a single floor and has a large pole on top of it while the part on the right has two floors. In front of the building on the left several people are standing in the street in front of the sidewalk, which is covered in debris, and on the right cars are parked on the side of the street. Next to the post office on the right is another building with a sign that reads "Kress Store" and on the left another building and telephone lines are visible. A text on the front of the photograph reads " Rogers Photo 10-01-1931."
Date: October 1, 1931
Creator: A. Rogers Studio
Partner: Brownsville Historical Association

[Reinforcing Steel Panels]

Description: Photograph of reinforced steel panels from the first floor of the Brownsville U.S. court house and post office. In the foreground the large panel is visible, consisting of several rows of rectangular objects, separated with metal bars, and covered with a metal grid. In the background two large barrels can be seen on the right along with other building materials.
Date: April 4, 1932
Creator: A. Rogers Studio
Partner: Brownsville Historical Association

[Ornamental Moldings]

Description: Photograph of three separate decorative wall moldings. The first, marked "27," looks like the top of a column with a curled figure and flat top and side. The next, marked "22," has a semicircle-shape with a seashell pattern inside it and decorative ribbons underneath it. The last one, number 13, is a narrow rectangle with wave-like ornaments inside it. A typewritten note attached to the photograph reads "U.S. Ct. Ho; Custom House, & P.O. Brownsville, Texas May 26-32."
Date: May 26, 1932
Creator: A. Rogers Studio
Partner: Brownsville Historical Association
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