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Bloys Campmeet Pageant

Description: This photograph shows a large group of people standing in a semi-circle under a tree. The people are all dressed up in fancy clothing or pioneer-style clothing. In the back, there are ten women and one man of various ages, but all relatively young, as well as five young children in the front. It appears to be nighttime. There are several handwritten notes on the back. The first notes give these names: "1. Jean Shannon," "4. Sue Johnson," "5. Chere Livingston," "6. Lois Burns," "10. Sargie Ruth Jones." Additionally, there are notes that say, "Re-enactment" and "Bloys Campmeet Pageant."
Date: unknown
Partner: Marfa Public Library

The Car-Vu

Description: Photograph of two people sitting in a car and watching a movie at the drive-in theater Car-Vu. The movie is projected on a large screen in front of the vehicle.
Date: unknown
Partner: Childress County Heritage Museum

[Dr. Millard J. Dresden's Old Time Medical Show]

Description: Photograph of Malcolm Derden and Smoky Wilson performing on stage at the Texas Folklife Festival as part of Dr. Millard J. Dresden's Old Time Medicine Show. Smoky is wearing a coonskin cap and a red bandanna over a floral shirt, jeans, and suspenders. Malcolm plays the role of Dr. Millard, wearing a white vest, shirt, black pants, black bow tie, and a black cowboy hat.
Date: [1983-09-07..1983-09-10]
Creator: Derden, Winston
Partner: University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections