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[The Moore family home]

Description: A frontal view of the home of Col. Hugh B. Moore and Helen Edmunds Moore in Texas City. The home is a two-story brick home. Four large sets of windows open onto a second-story porch. Five large brick pillars and a large front porch are visible on the ground level. A trimmed hedge with a gate fronts the house. Large flowering trees are visible in the side yard at the right, and a large palm tree and another smaller tree and some bushes are visible in the front yard. Two automobiles are parked along the curb in front.
Date: 1920~
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[City Hall on Sixth Street in Texas City]

Description: A photograph of the City Hall of Texas City, which was located at 519 N 6th St. in Texas City. The two story building is decorated with flags and banners. A large number of people are gathered in front of the building, and many automobiles are parked on both sides of the street in front of the building.
Date: [1920..1925]
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[Board of Trade Building in early Texas City]

Description: A photograph of the Texas City Board of Trade building in the early 1900's. The building is three stories high with Texas City National Bank and Goodson Drugstore on the ground floor at the right of the building. On the front of the building are large letters spelling "BOARD OF TRADE". On the side of the building with the bank and drugstore entrances and the letters "T C E L & W C O". Five automobiles and parked around the building. A number of men dressed in suits and hats are gathered outside the building.
Date: [1907..1908]
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[Photograph of Passenger Pier in Texas City]

Description: Photograph of a long wooden pier, wide enough to hold automobile traffic, running out into the bay. At the end of the pier, a structure of some kind can be seen. Electric poles line the left side of the pier. Three women dressed in long dresses and hats stand looking over the rail. Farther down the pier, an automobile and a single pedestrian share the pier.
Date: [1912..1913]
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[Stores on 6th Street in Texas City ]

Description: Five cars are parked along a street in front of a long building holding small stores. The store signs read : "Jeweler Hetherington", "Westinghouse Appliances Farmer Bros.", "Allan's Shoes" and "Prescriptions Pharmacy." There is a woman standing looking into the window of the shoe store with other people nearby mostly hidden behind a car; a man in a suit and hat walks along the sidewalk in front of the pharmacy.
Date: 1947~
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[Colonel Hugh Benton Moore, Captain A. B. Wolvin and others at the Texas City docks around 1907]

Description: A group of seven businessmen stand on the Texas City dock. Behind them can be seen a large cargo ship docked. To the left of the picture, stands a warehouse building. An automobile is parked near the men. The driver, in long white coat, hat and gloves stands by the front left fender. The first man in the line of seven, with the numeral "1" written underneath on the photograph, is identified as Captain Wolvin of Duluth; he leans on the right front of the car. Col. Hugh B. Moore, carrying a coat is the man fifth from the left, and is identified with the numeral "2" on the photograph. On the back of the photograph is written: "Number I Captain Wolvin of Duluth [Number] 2 - H. B. Moore - General Manager for Company Interests in Texas City - about 1907 - taken at dock."
Date: 1907
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library