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[Three Bank Notes for J. E. M. Yates]

Description: Three bank notes prepared for J. E. M. Yates. The first acknowledges that J. M. Davis will pay him $15 with an interest rate of 10% per annum as of January 1, 1906. The second note is dated October 1, 1906 and says that P. C. Davis "one year after date, I, we, or either of us, promise to pay...twenty seven and 45/100 Dollars." The third note is dated January 16, 1902 and stipulates that P. C. Davis "On Oct 1st 1902 after date I, we, or, either of us, promise to pay to the order of J. E. M. Yates" $18 with ten percent interest.
Date: {1902-01-16..1906-10-01}
Creator: The M. P. Exline Co.
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Press Release: DGA Credit Union]

Description: A press release and an attached photocopy of the press release announcing the state giving the Dallas Gay Alliance Credit Union a two with the best being one and the worst being five.
Date: October 16, 1990
Creator: Dallas Gay Alliance Credit Union
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Main Plaza in San Antonio, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a line of horse-drawn carriages in a street at downtown San Antonio, Texas. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "North east corner of Main Plaza." A sign on the building at right reads "Solomon Deutsch & Co., Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes and Hats." A sign on the building at left reads "Lambert's Ideal, Gents, Furnishings, Goods." Cabinet card format.
Date: 1880
Creator: The "Little Brick" Photograph Gallery
Location Info:
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Kampmann Building]

Description: Photograph of the Kampmann Building, a bank at the Northeast corner of the Alamo Plaza at San Antonio, Texas. People are visible walking in the street along with horse-drawn carriages. A sign is partially visible reading "Solomon, Dry Goods, Clothes." Cabinet card format.
Date: 1889
Creator: Hardesty, F.
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Photograph of Girl Standing on Table Next to Christmas Posters]

Description: Photograph of a little girl in a short ruffled dress and light-colored shoes, smiling and standing on a wood table that sits against a wall of windows. There is a box with a slit in the top and text on all sides, next to the little girl. On the window are two posters advertising the opportunity to win the "worlds largest Christmas stocking," and a large Christmas stocking with various images on it, attached to another poster on the window. On the other side of the window, a long, floor-length curtain covers view.
Date: 1975~
Location Info:
Partner: Private Collection of Mary Newton Maxwell

[Letter from Clarence Calloway to Barbara Jordan, September 6]

Description: Letter from Clarence Calloway to Congresswoman Barbara Jordan asking her to come to the new King State Bank, as it is in her district, in order to "cut the ribbon on September 5th or 12th - Friday morning." Calloway explains the importance of the bank in that it is the first to have a "black, qualified president."
Date: 197u-09-06
Creator: Calloway, Clarence
Partner: Texas Southern University

[King State Bank News Release]

Description: News release for the King State Bank in Houston, Texas announcing that they are opening business July 31, 1975. The rest of the release explains the role of the bank in the community and that "King State Bank will serve to provide excellent service to its customers."
Date: July 31, 1975
Creator: King State Bank
Partner: Texas Southern University

[Postcard from The National Farm Loan Association of Bandera to Mr. Willie Agold, July 29, 1952]

Description: Postcard from Mr. W. R. Fletcher of The National Farm Loan Association of Bandera to Mr. Willie Agold, inviting him to come in and discuss a farm loan. The front of the postcard features a photograph a line of six mules pulling a plow through a field towards the camera. Behind the mules, a man sits on a seat on the plow.
Date: July 29, 1952
Creator: Fletcher, W. R.
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Smoke Pours From Dallas Federal Savings & Loan Building]

Description: Photograph of a large cloud of dark smoke pouring out from the Dallas Federal Savings & Loan building, visible on the right. In the street in front of the building, to the left, are four small fire engines and a group of fighters in firefighting uniform. There is a man taking a photograph of the smoke in the center middle-ground of the photo. A large white, square clock jutting out from the side of the Savings & Loan building shows the time to be about 3:10 pm. On the back of the photograph are the remnants of a torn-off identifier label, a stamp identifying the photographer, and handwritten notes.
Date: January 7, 1964
Creator: Eamon, Kennedy
Location Info:
Partner: Dallas Firefighters Museum

[Street Outside Dallas Federal Savings & Loan Fire]

Description: Downward view photograph of five fire engines, an ambulance, and a police car in the street to the right of the Dallas Federal Savings & Loan building (which is barely visible on the left). There are men in white hard-hats (and some wearing suits) standing on the sidewalk and street between the building and the emergency vehicles. The buildings and crowd of civilians watching the scene from down the street in the background are partially obscured by smoke. On the back of the photograph are two stamps giving information about the photographer and printer, as well as extensive handwritten notes about the fire.
Date: January 7, 1964
Creator: Winfrey, Bill
Location Info:
Partner: Dallas Firefighters Museum

[A Group of People Sit Around a Table]

Description: Photograph of a group of people sitting around a table at the King State Bank Ribbon Cutting. Sitting left to right are Henry Harrison, Yuera Smith, Noah Sparks, John Guess, Abraham Beaton, Charles Stanley, Clarence Calloway, Palmer Bowser, and Irma McKinney.
Date: 1974~
Partner: Texas Southern University

[Photograph of First State Bank in Salado, Texas]

Description: Copy print of a photograph of First State Bank in Salado, Texas; the image shows the bank and an old automobile parked in front of the front door. The back of the photograph has text that reads: "Picture #4 The Conservative Society of Historic Salado; To Mrs. John A. Barton, Jr.; 1st State Bank of Salado; from the collection of Salado Village Voice."
Date: 19uu
Partner: Salado Public Library

[Copy Print of a Photo of First State Bank]

Description: Copy print of a photograph of the original First State Bank, operational from 1910 to 1919; the back of the photo says reads: "copied from photo owned by Byron Bunker." Also included is a note explaining the history of the bank and why the bank went out of business, becoming a "Grain Grinding Mill."
Date: 1981
Partner: Salado Public Library