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Protector for Paper-Rolls.

Description: Patent for adjustable paper roll protector that prevents rolls of paper (such as what is used for newspaper printing) from becoming damaged during shipping and/or handling to prevent waste. Includes illustrations.
Date: May 28, 1918
Creator: Staley, William O.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Feed Guide or Gage for Printing-Presses

Description: Patent is for improving feed guides and gages for industrial printers. It provides a simpler guide or gage to adjust as the printer is printing.
Date: December 12, 1916
Creator: Phillips, Lannes William; Haines, Luther B. & Kesler, B. Q.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[Letter from Travis Winham to Charles B. Moore, November 12, 1892]

Description: Letter talks about his job as a typesetter, the death of his brother, Lyke Winham, and his life insurance policy. He discusses the Republican party and its recent nominating convention, including the McKinley Bill. In addition, he discusses religion and the coming of a new Christ that is greatly needed. Also includes the original envelope.
Date: November 12, 1892
Creator: Winham, Travis
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Three Men Holding an Unfinished Silkscreen Print in a Studio]

Description: Photograph of three men holding up an unfinished silkscreen print of a blue horse jumping over a salmon-colored landscape scene. The three men, who are all wearing ink-stained aprons and smiling at the camera, are resting the print atop a print table. There is another print table in the foreground that is covered with papers, plastic, tools, color swatches, and achromatic prints. There are shelves lined with jars of ink and other supplies in the background on the right-hand side of the photograph.
Date: 2000
Partner: Mexic-Arte Museum

[Two Men Holding up a Silkscreen Print of a Jumping Bull]

Description: Photograph of two men holding up a silkscreen print of a bull jumping over a rocky landscape. The men are standing on either side of the print, which they are resting on a workbench, and smiling at the camera. There is clutter in the room that surrounds them that includes a wooden easel and stool, more paintings, and a large tub of gesso.
Date: 2000
Partner: Mexic-Arte Museum

[Two Men Standing Behind a Print of a Jumping Horse]

Description: Photograph of two men standing behind a table and smiling at the camera. There is an achromatic print of a jumping horse on top of the table as well as a drafter's brush, a hair dryer, and an exacto knife. There are drying racks, shelving, and a large drafting table covered with papers and supplies visible in the background.
Date: 2000
Partner: Mexic-Arte Museum

[Two Men Silkscreen Printing]

Description: Photograph of two men silkscreen printing on a print roller. The man closest to the foreground is looking up at the camera and holding a newly printed piece of paper. The man beside him is holding back several pieces of paper on the roller. In the background, there is a wall covered in achromatic prints. In the background on the left-hand side of the image, there is a large table covered with supplies and papers.
Date: 2000
Partner: Mexic-Arte Museum
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