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[Pamphlet: After Hours]

Description: A pamphlet with news, advertisements, and events that are occurring in October within Texas' LGBTQ community. The pamphlet includes an article about Bill Nelson fighting the reprimand he received at the Dallas high school he works at, after his picture was found in the TWT.
Date: October 1979
Creator: TWT
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Interior View of the J. C. Bair Store]

Description: Photograph of an interior view of the J. C. Bair store, located at 103 E 9th Street. There are counters of assorted stationary and ribbons around the store. There is also a register on a counter in the middle of the room, and an engraver behind the register.
Date: December 4, 1951
Creator: Mears, Dewey G.
Location Info:
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library


Description: Patent for a printing, ruling, and cutting press of a simple and durable construction. The printing press can print both sides of a sheet of paper and has adjustable guards so that the operator can print any size paper. The machine also provides a "means for regulating the feed of the machine for adapting it to print short or long sections or a newspaper as well as a small tract" (lines 20-22). The machine has two plates opposite each other, the weight of one counterbalances the other so double printing is possible. Any amount of ink can be supplied to the rollers, and adjustable scrapers remove extra ink from the ink drums. The uncut paper can be wound around a device if necessary. A drying-cylinder provides that the printed material has no blurs.
Date: March 31, 1896
Creator: Hallenbeck, Matthew L. W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

File or Bill-Book.

Description: Patent for a paper file that has "an index board or cover that it can be moved along the transfer wires from one side of the bottom boards to the other, the same as papers and with or without papers attached to it, and so that when brought around on top of the bottom board and interposed papers it will form therewith a book in which the papers or blanks will be retained for the ready reference or for such use as may be required" (lines 24-33). Papers can be punched with a mechanism on the invention so that papers can be placed onto the retaining wires.
Date: July 10, 1894
Creator: Slaton, William David
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: Patent for a simple sheet-feeder that separates the sheets from a pile so they can be fed one at a time. The patent improves on the suction-roller mechanism that takes a sheet and rolls it into a printer. It does not use grippers or mechanical means for grabbing a single sheet.
Date: August 14, 1894
Creator: Clarke, George R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Perforating Mechanism for Cylinder Printing-Presses.

Description: Patent for a perforating mechanism for cylinder printing-presses that is simple and automatic. It produces "lines of perforations at any required distance apart and of any desired length in paper or cardboard at the time of printing thereon the forms for checks, draft, bills, notes, tickets or other printed or lithographed matter" (lines 12-17).
Date: April 17, 1894
Creator: Kellner, Eugene
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Feeder for Printing-Machines.

Description: Patent for a feeder for printing machines that supplies sheets for them to be printed automatically. It has a reciprocating bed with a cylinder over it which rotates when the bed moves. Blank sheets are on the beds, and the cylinder moves the sheets off the beds, into rollers.
Date: December 4, 1894
Creator: Clarke, George R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Instrument for Dividing Angles into Equal Parts.

Description: Patent for an instrument for dividing angles into equal parts and is meant to be used with a beam compass. The "invention consists in a member having a point adapted to be placed at the point of the angle to be divided, and having movable thereon a beam extending horizontally and having at one end a transverse head projecting from each side of the beam and carrying at one end an indicating point and at the other end a marking pencil" (lines 22-29).
Date: April 30, 1895
Creator: Cornelius, Francis W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Banker's Daily-Balance Index.

Description: Patent for a banker's daily-balance index meant to "promote the speed and accuracy of book-keepers in keeping the personal daily balance ledger in banking and other like business" (lines 9-12). The patent is for a piece of paper divided with ink into strips on the front and back.
Date: April 30, 1895
Creator: Thomas, Thomas Parry
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Delivery Apparatus for Printing-Presses.

Description: Patent for "an endless band or apron paper-delivery apparatus, for printing presses, which will automaticall take the sheets of paper from the cylinder and deliver them upon the usual table, in an orderly pile" (lines 24-28).
Date: February 21, 1893
Creator: Sandel, Sam D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Measuring and Drawing Tool.

Description: Patent for an improved, simple, and durable measuring and drawing tool that is easily adjusted and used to find bevels, pitches, degrees, and lengths in framing roofs. It has other purposes as well. "The invention consists of a plate in the shape of an eighth of an octagon having four sides, and a straight edge pivoted on the side plate and indicating thereon" (lines 14-17).
Date: May 2, 1893
Creator: Allred, Lemuel O.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: Patent for a simple, inexpensive, simple, and durable hand stamp that uses the minimum number of parts.
Date: November 7, 1893
Creator: Dysart, Marby P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Combined Copy-Holder and Tablet.

Description: Patent for a combined copy-holder and tablet meant for record keeping. The invention's purposes are to "produce a convenient device designed to be employed ether upon the lap of the operator or upon a counter or other convenient support, and to maintain in position for writing a web of paper, thus requiring no holding of the same by the operator; to provide means for conveniently paying out said web of paper as the same is used or consumed; to provide for conveniently tearing the paper from the web into lengths convenient to the operator; to provide for a simple retention and support in a removable manner of the roll upon which the web is mounted; and finally for a support of the device in an inclined position convenient for transcribing notes therefrom" (lines 13-28).
Date: December 19, 1893
Creator: Stuart, Benjamin F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department