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Description: Patent for a compound with preservative qualities for protecting submersed wood from the destructive forces of water, whether sea or fresh, and from shipworms.
Date: July 9, 1895
Creator: Gallinowsky, Hugo
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[At the Texas City dock in 1921]

Description: A group of three women and two men, posed on the Texas City Dock. Two men wearing dark suits and hats sit or crouch on top of the pilings to the right of the picture. The three ladies, dressed in stoles or jackets, hats and long dresses stand on the dock. On the back of the photograph is written: "Terry, Morton, Gustavos, Walker T.C. Docks." William R. Blocker is also in the photograph.
Date: 1921
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[At the Texas City Sulphur Dock in 1921]

Description: Three women and two men, stand posing at the foot of a large pile on the docks near the SeaTrain loading crane in Texas City. The men are dressed in dark suits, ties and hats and the women are dressed in formal or dressy clothes and hats. On the back of the photograph is written: "Morton, Terry, Gustavos, Walker and Co. Sulfur Dock. T.C." William R. Blocker is also in the photograph.
Date: 1921
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[Texas Sugar Refinery Company in Texas City]

Description: A large cargo ship is docked near the Texas Sugar Refinery. Two buildings, one of eight stories and one of 5 stories, stand side-by-side facing the port. Several smaller buildings and structures are partially visible between the cargo ship and the buildings. Train cars can be seen in front of the refinery buildings.
Date: [1924..1931]
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[Texas City harbor in 1919]

Description: A photograph of the port of Texas City from the docks in 1919. A one story wooden building with a lean-to porch is in the foreground. To the left, up the shoreline, a horse-drawn wagon stands near a series of small boats. A number of men, piles of boxes and kegs, are on the wooden wharves alongside the small boats. Beyond the small boats is a tug boat. On shore, a loading crane stands near an Ice wagon. On the other side of the slip, large cargo ships are at anchor. In the lower left hand corner of the photograph is written "Texas City Tex. Copyright E. E. Schlueter".
Date: 1919
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[Colonel Hugh Benton Moore, Captain A. B. Wolvin and others at the Texas City docks around 1907]

Description: A group of seven businessmen stand on the Texas City dock. Behind them can be seen a large cargo ship docked. To the left of the picture, stands a warehouse building. An automobile is parked near the men. The driver, in long white coat, hat and gloves stands by the front left fender. The first man in the line of seven, with the numeral "1" written underneath on the photograph, is identified as Captain Wolvin of Duluth; he leans on the right front of the car. Col. Hugh B. Moore, carrying a coat is the man fifth from the left, and is identified with the numeral "2" on the photograph. On the back of the photograph is written: "Number I Captain Wolvin of Duluth [Number] 2 - H. B. Moore - General Manager for Company Interests in Texas City - about 1907 - taken at dock."
Date: 1907
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[At the port in Texas City on August 19, 1915]

Description: A view of one of the slips at the Texas City port. To the left a large cargo ship is anchored, with another ship directly behind it. On the right of the photograph, in the lower right corner, is the tugboat named J. W. Terry of Galveston. Behind it can be seen a dock and dock warehouse, with several dock workers visible. Behind it, at the end of the dock is a barge and another ship. In the lower right hand corner, embossed lettering reads "Naschke Galveston." Underneath the photograph, written in longhand, is "Texas City - Aug 19th 1915 - Two days after the storm".
Date: August 19, 1915
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[At the port in Texas City on August 19, 1915]

Description: A large cargo ship is anchored along a dock in Texas City. To the right of the ship, on the dock, several railroad freight cars are pulled up alongside the ship. In the right foreground, the railroad car bears the markings "STILMAS 18217". Four groups of two men each are gathered along the dock, talking or observing. The grain elevator is visible behind the ship. In the lower right hand corner in raised lettering is "Naschke Galveston." Underneath the photograph in longhand is written: "Texas City Aug. 19th-1915 - Two day [corr: days] after the storm."
Date: August 17, 1915
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[At the port in Texas City on August 19, 1915]

Description: A tugboat, the J.W. Terry of Galveston, can be seen in the lower right of the photograph near the dock warehouses. Products can be seen on the dock, and at least four dockworkers are visible in front of the warehouses. Farther down this wharf are two other ships. On the left side of the picture, a large cago ship is docked. Down the dock on this side, at least two other ships can be seen. On the bottom of the picture in cursive writing is written: "Texas City Aug 19th 1915 - Two days after the storm." In the right hand corner of the picture, "Naschke Galveston" is embossed.
Date: August 19, 1915
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[Corpus Christi, Texas: Home of the Reconstructed Colombus Fleet and the USS Lexington Carrier]

Description: This film is unedited television footage regarding events and sites in Corpus Christi, Texas. A short, edited news segment is included at the end of the video. In the first segment, the Boy Scouts of America recite the Pledge of Allegiance on the deck of the USS Lexington carrier. Fishermen on fishing boats show their catches of squid and shrimp. Keith Arnold, the President CEO at the Corpus Christi area Convention and Visitor's Bureau (CVB), talks about major attractions of the area. The Texas State Aquarium, Art Museum of South Texas, and Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History are shown. The camera crew films two tour guides aboard the Columbus Fleet who explain the ships and life at sea to visitors. The crew films a pelican catching and eating a fish. The last segment of this film is a news clip, narrated by a newscaster for 3 KWTV Corpus Christi Eye Witness News--in this clip, the USS Lexington cooperates with the Corpus Christi ISD for a science program called 'Science Aboard Ship'.
Date: unknown
Duration: 51 minutes 28 seconds
Partner: UNT Media Library

Plan du Port de Veracruz.

Description: Map shows early nineteenth century shoreline geography and details near the harbor of Veracruz, Mexico. Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by soundings. No scale noted.
Date: 1811
Creator: Orta, Bernardo de, Don
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library
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