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[Interior View of Butcher Shop]

Description: Photograph of an interior view of a butcher shop. Sausage links are hanging from hooks above a glass counter. Three men are standing behind the counter with slabs of meat. On the opposite side of the counter, one man is leaning against it and one man is sitting at a stool.
Date: unknown
Creator: Winkelmann's Studio
Partner: The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Coleman Fulton Pasture Company

Description: Cropped copy-photograph of the a meat market in Sinton, TX. Accompanying information identifies the area as the meat market of the Coleman Fulton Pasture Company. Several buildings are shown in the image. A white, house-like building is to the far right. A small wooden building is in the middle background. The corner of a two-story brick building is shown on the far left. A large tree is in the middle in front of the buildings.
Date: unknown
Partner: Bell/Whittington Public Library

[548 E. Reagan]

Description: Photograph of the front and side of a long building with a "Morrison Meat Market" sign over the front entrance, located at 548 E. Reagan in Palestine, Texas. There are advertisements on either side of the door with an image of a soda bottle and the text "say 'Pespi, please.'" It is an extension to the northeast side of a white, one-story, center-passage-style house (visible to the right) at 546 E. Reagan.
Date: June 1991
Creator: Hardy, Heck, Moore
Location Info:
Partner: Palestine Public Library

John [Rothsmitt] Meat Market

Description: Photograph of John Rothsmitt Meat Market. The market is in a one-story building. There is a wooden awning in front of the store. Men, women, and children are standing outside of the store along with a horse-drawn wagon.
Date: unknown
Partner: Friench Simpson Memorial Library

[Frank Goldstein Store and City Meat Market]

Description: Photograph of the corner of Cotton and Fredonia Streets in Longview, Texas. The Frank Goldstein Store, the City Meat Market, and a furniture store are pictured in the photograph. The Rembert Theatre and the Rembert Building are pictured to the right of the Frank Goldstein Store. There is a crowd of people standing in the street, and a freshly slaughtered cow is being delivered to the meat market.
Date: 1910~
Partner: Longview Public Library

[Longview Meat Market]

Description: Photograph of the inside of the first meat market in Longview, Texas. The market was operated on Tyler Street. Four employees are pictured inside the meat market.
Date: 1900~
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.
Partner: Longview Public Library

[Taylor Duke Commercial Building - Main Street]

Description: Photograph of a stand alone building with windowed storefront on two sides of the building, suspended awning on the street side, and painted letters reading Taylor Duke. A partial view of a car, utility pole, and a parking meter are along the street in front of the building. A parked car and two small trees growing in a median are in the parking lot along the side of the building.
Date: 1976
Partner: Val Verde County Historical Commission

[Workers in an unidentified butcher shop]

Description: Photograph of an unidentified man and boy working in a butcher shop. The man is working with a rack of ribs, and the boy is holding a knife at another workstation. More large pieces of meat are hung in the background. In front of the men, a cashier is located on a counter, and two scales hang above the counter top.
Date: unknown
Partner: Denton Public Library

[Meat Market on Market Street]

Description: Photograph of an old-time meat market on Market Street in Orange, Texas. The meat cutter holding the butcher knife in his hand is George Prejean at the age of 17 years. The man on the far left is Jim Mousen with Mr. Grubbs standing beside him.
Date: unknown
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Butcher Shop]

Description: Humorous color postcard with a drawing depicting a woman standing in a butcher shop with a package in her hands. Music and lyrics at the bottom of the card read, "Take back the heart"
Date: unknown
Creator: Belcher, C.
Partner: Private Collection of Joe E. Haynes