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[Postcard of a Webb Fire Engine Test]

Description: Postcard of a fire engine spraying water at a building with two large smokestacks. The photograph was captured from a distance above, and many people can be seen observing the scene below. A printed note on the back of the postcard says, "Test of the "Webb" Motor Fire Engine, Through Deck Turret on "Webb" Motor High Pressure Wagon. Height of Stack 246 ft. Size of Nozzle 1 5/8 inches. It was estimated that at times this stream reached nearly 300 feet perpendicularly."
Date: February 9, 1912
Creator: Inbody, J.
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

1½ Miles to "Neches"

Description: Photograph of a railroad (bottom) and vehicles (left). People and utility poles can also be seen in the background. Back of photo reads, "W.L. Straughn Gulf States Utilities Co. Neches Power Station Beaumont, Texas".
Date: June 1, 1929
Partner: Edison Museum

[Man and Woman on Sidewalk]

Description: Photograph of a man and woman on sidewalk. There are vehicles, houses, and utility poles behind them. The man is wearing a hat and bow-tie with a suit while the woman is dressed in white. Back of photo reads, "Fred P Dodge".
Date: 1928
Partner: Edison Museum

[Street View]

Description: Photograph of a street. A car is in the foreground with men by it and houses and power lines as well as a tree without leaves are in the background. Back of photo reads, "Agusta Ave. + Procter St."
Date: 1926~/1931~
Partner: Edison Museum