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[Photograph of a School Bus and Driver]

Description: Photograph of a uniformed school bus driver, Bill Erlanson, with Dahlberg Consolidated District #21 school bus on 1942-01? after the Dahlberg family school (a common custom in early swedish communities) had consolidated with other area family schools. However, it was discontinued, and Dahlberg students went to school in Brady.
Date: [1939..1956]
Creator: Dahlberg, David W.
Partner: McCulloch County Historical Commission

[Six Men by Bus]

Description: Photograph of six men standing by a bus. The bus has the words "Eastern Texas Electric" on it and the word "garage" can be seen written on the building in the background. The men are wearing hats and formal attire. There is also another bus behind the bus the men are standing in front of. A tree can be seen on the right in the background.
Date: October 31, 1929
Partner: Edison Museum

[Photograph of Women and Bus]

Description: Photograph of a group of women standing together in front of a white bus with text that says "Abilene Northern Coaches." A handwritten note on the back of the photo says "Patsy Kirk, Hastena Phenix, Olivia Hunt, Ellen Williams, Wynelle McGee. Front row. Carole Byerly, Dot Pittman, Joy Garner. Quanah Trip Dec 45."
Date: 1945
Partner: McMurry University Library

[Small Bus Inside Garage]

Description: Photograph of a small bus - with no doors and several missing windows - parked in large, dimly lit garage. There are three tables with various spray cans and other tools in front of the bus, and a stack of upholstered seats to the right of the bus. There are tall lockers along the back wall, and long light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. In the background of the garage are large, shadowed metal structures.There is a stamp on the back of the photograph with the date the photo was taken.
Date: January 28, 1974
Partner: Dallas Firefighters Museum

Bus Garage Sheffield, Texas: Foundation and Roof Plans

Description: Architectural plan for a bus garage in Sheffield, Texas. It includes plans for the roof framing and for the foundation; the details for both are drawn and labeled on the left side of the sheet and divided into sections. Also included are sets of notes concerning the framing, slabs, and foundation.
Date: September 1, 1958
Creator: David S. Castle Co.
Partner: Tittle-Luther/Parkhill, Smith and Cooper, Inc.

[El Paso Street Corner]

Description: Photograph of a street corner in downtown El Paso. Many people are standing and sitting at a bus stop with nearby buses, and some people are crossing the street near stop lights. There are many tall buildings visible in the background.
Date: unknown
Partner: El Paso Public Library

[Photograph of Chartered Bus Going to Billy Graham Crusade]

Description: Photograph of a group of adults and children boarding a charter bus, the line of people snaking around front of the bus. The people are wearing Church-appropriate clothing, such as dresses, suits, and dress shirts with slacks. There is a bare farm field in the distant background, beyond the parking lot where the bus is parked. Handwritten notes on the back of the photograph indicate the group is using the bus to travel to a Billy Graham Crusade.
Date: unknown
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.

F-111 A/P#1 Rollout

Description: Photograph of an F-111 A/P#1 Rollout Ceremony. In the foreground is the military airplane with the letters, "USAF" painted on top of the right wing. In the background is a large crowd seated on bleachers, standing on aircraft stairs and atop a podium with flags and red, white, and blue banners. In the background is a bus.
Date: October 15, 1964
Partner: Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, Fort Worth