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Description: Patent for "handle-bars for bicycles, velocipedes, and the like; and the primary object is to enable the successful use of animals' horns in the formation thereof and to provide for the adjustment and securing of such handle-bars in either a raised or lowered position or at any point within range of a circular adjustment" (lines 8-15).
Date: September 6, 1898
Creator: Martin, John L.
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Description: Patent for a new design "in armor or protectors for pneumatic tires" (line 13) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: March 7, 1911
Creator: Ramsay, Henry M.; McGary, Austin & Campbell, John W.
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Compilation of results of aquifer tests in Texas

Description: "The mission of the Texas Water Development Board's (TWDB) Groundwater Resources Division is to collect, interpret, and provide accurate, objective information on the groundwater resources of Texas. In support of this mission, the TWDB has undertaken a long-term process of mapping and characterizing the aquifers of Texas."
Date: April 2012
Creator: Wuerch, David Robert. P.G. & Christian, Brent P.G.
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Nanotechnology-Based System for Damage-Resistant Concrete Pavements

Description: This report's focus was to explore the use of nanotechnology-based nanofilaments, such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and nanofibers (CNFs), as reinforcement for improving the mechanical properties of Portland cement paste and creating multifunctional and sensing concrete. (p. 1).
Date: August 2012
Creator: Abu Al-Rub, Rashid K.
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Comparison Between Vehicular Emissions from Real-World In-Use Testing and EPA MOVES Estimation

Description: This research study developed a methodology to perform mandatory dynamometer vehicular emissions tests on real roads, performed on-road emissions tests, and compared the test results to the estimates using the current EPA emissions estimation model.
Date: July 2012
Creator: Lee, Doh-Won; Johnson, Jeremy; Lv, Jinpeng; Novak, Kristen & Zietsman, Josias
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department