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[A 1886 Drug Store]

Description: Photograph of a 1886 Drug Store. The drug store is located in a two story brick building on the corner of a dirt street. The sign "Drug Store" on the northwest corner of the building, has a horse hitched to the support post. The front of the building has two glass box windows on either side of the double door entrance. Eight men are standing on the sidewalk near the front entrance. There is a man sitting in each of the four second story windows on the front side of building. A hitching post is on far left; two white wooden buildings on far right with the top of a two story brick building partially visible over the roof tops of the wooden buildings. The photograph is mounted on a tan cardboard substrate. Image dimensions are: 19.7 cm x 12.4 cm. Pencil writing near top left corner of cardboard reads [not fully legible]: 84.50 49.00 $35.50 $35.50 (with x's under the cents).
Date: 1885/1889
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

The Journal of Heredity, Volume 30, Number 7, July, 1939

Description: Issue of the Journal of Heredity, published by the American Genetic Association, "An incorporated organization devoted to promoting a knowledge of the laws of heredity and their application to the improvement of plants, animals, and human racial stocks" (from inside front cover). The journal contains articles about animal and botanical genetic studies and manipulations as well as human behavior related to genetics.
Date: unknown
Creator: Cook, Robert C.
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

The Weekly Register (Baltimore, Md.), Volume 4, Number 20, Saturday, July 17, 1813

Description: Issue of The Weekly Register newspaper including an article on the first page entitled "Republic of Mexico" which is described as a "hasty" translation of the Declaration of Independence from Spain. Other articles include: Indian Council; The Direct Tax; Map of the Rapids of Miami, Shewing the situation of Fort Meigs, &c.; Interesting Topography of Ohio; Proceedings of Congress; Events of the War; and The Chronicle (France and the Allies).
Date: July 17, 1813
Creator: Niles, Hezekiah, 1777-1839
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

Photo of Survivors of Battle of San Jacinto

Description: Photograph of the Survivors of the Battle of San Jacinto, at a meeting of the Texas Veterans' Association at Galveston c. 1880. Center row, third from left: Valentine Ignatius Burch of Tyler County, Texas. Center row, second from left: Valentine Burch. Front row, second from right: George Petty of Washington County.
Date: 1880
Creator: Naschke
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum


Description: Hand-colored stone lithograph of a West Lipan Apache warrior sitting astride a horse and carrying a rifle; from Emory's United States and Mexican Boundary Survey, Washington, 1857
Date: 1857
Creator: Schott, A.
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

[Ice covered fence and trees in front of the J.H.P. Davis house]

Description: Photograph of the J.H.P. Davis house after an ice storm. The house is only partially visible (near center right) because of the ice covered trees and shrubs. The second story porch, roof, dormer, and two brick fireplace chimneys are visible. There is an ice covered barb wire fence with wooden posts that extends from left foreground to right center of photo. The foreground is covered in snow. Image is slightly blurred. Written at bottom of photo in black ink: "Dec 21 1924".
Date: December 21, 1924
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

"Fannin's Fight"

Description: One of 8 maps of battle sites of the Texas Revolution drawn to accompany A.J. Houston's 1938 volume "Texas Independence"; this map shows the Texan infantry, artillery, breastworks, and Mexican dragoons, and artillery
Date: 1938
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

Galveston in Texas

Description: Steel engraving print of Galveston, Texas showing a group of men sitting, or working on a wooden dock. A sunken ship is visible in the water on the right side of the image, and on the left, the dock curves and leads toward the town. A number of buildings are pictured along the dock.
Date: unknown
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

Prairie Wolf

Description: Colored lithograph by John James Audubon; No. 15, Plate LXXI from Audubon’s “The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America”.
Date: unknown
Creator: Audubon, John James
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum