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[The Davison family in the early 1900's]

Description: A group photograph of the Davison family in front of the Davison home. On the back of the photograph is written: "L-R Christine D. (Jones), Margaret D. (Grainger), Florence Davison, Florence D. (Hart), Don Davison, Frank B. Davison, Perry A. Davison, George O. Davison, Gere D. (Kilgore). and "(approx. 1906)."
Date: 1906
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[An ice cream social at the First Methodist Church in Texas City around 1909]

Description: Three young ladies, dressed in white shirtfronts, lockets and long white skirts are sitting on chairs in a room eating ice cream. A young man, dressed in a dark suit jacket and plaid pants, eats ice cream from a large ladle. The ice cream tin and an extra plate sit on a wooden chair in front of the young ladies. The room holds other wooden chairs and a podium, behind the people. A map of the United States and a framed certificate are on the back wall. The room appears to be either a church or a court room. On the reverse of the photograph is written "Rev. Germany eating cream. Misses Whitney, Christine Davison and some other young lady. Note: Rev. Germany pastor of 1st Methodist Episcopal Church 1906 - 1909."
Date: [1906..1909]
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library