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[Orange Central Fire Station]

Description: Photograph of the Orange Central Fire Station located on the corner of 7th and Elm. There are fire trucks parked in the driveways and five firemen are standing next to each of the trucks.
Date: unknown
Creator: Flickinger, Formerly Pridgen's Studio
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Fire Chief John Ballew with Firemen 1948]

Description: Photograph of Fire Chief John Ballew and his fellow firemen. They are all kneeling in a row in front of three fire trucks. The Chief and his firemen are all wearing matching shirts and ties. The fire station and an unidentifiable building are in the background.
Date: 1948
Partner: Childress County Heritage Museum

[Volunteer Firemen with Fire Truck]

Description: Photograph of volunteer firemen in front of the Childress fire station. Most of them are nicely dressed and they are all posing on and around a fire truck. There are a couple of trees and an unidentifiable building in the background.
Date: unknown
Partner: Childress County Heritage Museum