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[Settlement of claim, May 7, 1891]

Description: Settlement of claim for the service of Hamilton K. Redway during the civil war. As Redway's widow, this notification states that Loriette C. Redway would receive $92.86 and her attorneys, Butts and Philips, would receive $10.31. The total of this settlement was $103.17. The claim payment would be distributed in numerical order according to the settlement number on this notification.
Date: May 7, 1891
Creator: Treasury Department
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[Circular from U. S. Bureau of Pensions, July 30, 1903]

Description: Circular from the U. S. Bureau of Pensions containing a special notice about persons falsely claiming to be officers of the bureau. The circular seeks to protect persons having business with the bureau against swindling, and warns that genuine special examiners of the bureau do not demand or receive any money.
Date: July 30, 1903
Creator: United States. Pension Bureau.
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[Mortgage agreement, November 5, 1875]

Description: Mortgage agreement between H. K. Redway and James Q. Brigham. In the agreement, it states that Redway would make three payments of $200.00 on October 1, 1876-78 to Brigham for land in Marion county in the state of Kansas. The land is described in the agreement. The payments would draw interest of ten percent per year, payable annually.
Date: November 5, 1875
Creator: Hodge, Edward A.
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[Statement of Oath, December 1, 1864]

Description: Documentation of an oath sworn at Kelley's Creek, West Virginia, by Mrs. Patten and her daughters, stating: "We Mrs. Nancy Patten, Miss Amanda Patten, Miss Mary Patten, Miss Alice Patten - Do most solemnly promise and swear that in passing through the National lines, into the so called Confe-derate States, We will give no informati-on regarding the position of troops wit-hin these lines, nor any other of like contraband character, also that we will not take any packages or letters except those examined, approved, and delivered to me by the Military Authorities - & We furthermore find ourselves to remain outsi-de the National lines - during the war. So help us God."
Date: December 1864
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