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[Release Deed of Trust from Amelia Francis Robischung to Edward B. Leigh]

Description: Statement of the fulfillment of a mortgage paid by Henry B. Robischung of Kalamazoo, Michigan; this release deed is from Amelia Francis Robischung, the widow of Henry, acknowledging the that mortgage in "Volume 4, pages 10-13 of the Deed of Trust records of Kerr County, Texas, is fully satisfied and discharged." The second paragraph is signed by the notary public acknowledging that Amelia appeared and is the same person whose name is on the document.
Date: March 26, 1919
Creator: Leavell, John R.
Partner: Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library

[August Young's Oath of Allegiance and Order Admitting to Citizenship, 1923]

Description: Photocopy of August Young's Oath of Allegiance presented to the McCulloch County District Court, in which he renounces allegiance to any foreign power, particularly to the King of Sweden, before swearing allegiance to the United States, together with the Order that admits him to citizenship.
Date: March 27, 1923
Partner: McCulloch County Historical Commission

[Promissory Note and Mortgage from W. H. Bonnell to Charles Schreiner]

Description: Promissory note from W. H. Bonnell to Charles Schreiner worth $1,047 "in United States Gold Coin of the present standard weight and fineness" with a ten percent interest rate until paid. Also included is a certified copy of the chattel mortgage agreement between the two men in which it states that Bonnell will put up his property as collateral until the debt to Schreiner has been fully paid off.
Date: March 24, 1911
Partner: Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library

[Copy of O. G. Dahlberg's Will]

Description: Official copy of O. G. Dahlberg's will with a note from Sam McCollum addressed to his wife and children. Also included is a strip of paper with a series of numbers and the envelope that this document was delivered in.
Date: March 9, 1956
Creator: McCollum, Sam
Partner: McCulloch County Historical Commission

[Copy of Land Sale Documents]

Description: Copy of multiple documents for the sale of John and Sara Emberson's land. First document contains the Embersons' statement and the land sold to Charles B. Moore. Second document contains an affidavit for the Embersons' sale of land.
Date: March 1857
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Correspondence between Meyer Bodansky, H. Hawley, Letzerich, Adrian F. Levy, and Stephen F. Rosenblatt - March 1939]

Description: Letters between Dr. Meyer Bodansky and the company Hawley and Letzerich, discussing the taxes paid of boxes of Dr. Bodansky's textbook that are being imported into Texas. Also included in the letters are those from Dr. Bodansky to Revered Stephen F. Rosenblatt discussing the availability of a choir director position for Rev. Rosenblatt.
Date: March 1939
Creator: Bodansky, Meyer, 1896-1941; Letzerich; Hawley, H.; Levy, Adrian F. & Rosenblatt, Stephen F.
Partner: Moody Medical Library, UT