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Causeway and Railroad Bridge

Description: Photograph of a postcard of a causeway and railroad bridge between Portland, TX and Corpus Christi, TX. The bridge appears to be made of wood. A single vehicle is parked on at the top of the bridge. Several people are walking by it. The railroad bridge is on the right. It is unoccupied. A small sign between the bridges reads, "Built 1921, cost $300,000.000, Your Money."
Date: unknown
Partner: Bell/Whittington Public Library

[Army Corps of Engineers Dredge]

Description: Photograph of the US Army Corps of Engineers dredge, McFarland en route to Galveston, TX. The McFarland is 300 feet long, costing $15 million to build, with a crew of 75. The ship has a large, metal assembly on top of the deck.
Date: unknown
Partner: Port Arthur Public Library

[Sabine Canal and Sabine Pass]

Description: Photograph of a group of buildings along Sabine Canal, in Sabine Pass, Texas. The buildings are identified as the home of Doctor Q. T. Adamson (Customs/Marine Doctor), a government administration office, and a government hospital. Text below the photograph says "485."
Date: 1935~
Partner: Port Arthur Public Library

[Ship Accident]

Description: Photograph of a ship accident involving the tanker, Pennsylvania Sun. The ship missed the channel through Pleasure Pier Bridge, and collided with piers. Tug boats are freeing the ship. In the background, there is a body of land and another body of water on the opposite side of it. Text on the top-right corner says "& damaged steel dolphins. Damages $ 91,370."
Date: 1966
Partner: Port Arthur Public Library