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[Illustrated Song Postcard, "Go on Smiling": Part 3]

Description: Postcard addressed to Mamie Collins in Central City, Nebraska, and is the third card in a set of four romance cards. The photograph on the front of the card shows a man and a woman standing next to a creek, the woman is wearing a white dress and the man a suit and hat; the caption underneath reads: "Tho' the way seems dark and weary, do be cheery for I always will be near." There is a note on the back of the card that reads: "This is the way it seems only you are not near."
Date: October 23, 1908
Creator: Scott & Van Altena
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch

Fall Creek, Llano Co.

Description: Photograph of a waterfall at Fall Creek in Llano County. The photograph was taken from the water level below, showing the water flowing from above. Inscription on the back reads "104 ft. waterfall."
Date: 1927
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Semi-Photo Song Postcard, "Dreaming": Part 3]

Description: Postcard addressed to Mamie Collins in Central City, Nebraska with a photograph of a man laying next to a woman in a dress on the bank of a small creek; there are music notes and lyrics printed on the bottom of the card that read: "Sighing crying for the love that's growing." There is also a handwritten note on the reverse side of the card that says: "On Camp. Flatt Rock. About two hours before the swim."
Date: October 20, 1908
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch

[Postcard to Mrs. Fritz Adler, October 6, 1920]

Description: Postcard to Mrs. Fritz Adler in San Antonio, Texas. The front of the postcard features a photograph (colored in with ink) of a young woman with dark hair, wearing a hat and an old-fashioned dress, standing on the right bank of a small stream. The stream is situated in a wooded area, which opens up into a clearing further upstream. The young woman is holding an umbrella, resting it on the rocky bank.
Date: October 6, 1920
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Postcard from Hortense to Ned A. Zaeller, August 11, 1910]

Description: Postcard from Hortense to her brother, Ned. A. Zaeller, thanking him for his letter and writing to say she went to a concert the night before. The front of the postcard features an illustration of some bluffs along the left side of a small creek with a rocky shoreline. There are dense trees and bushes in front of the bluffs.
Date: August 11, 1910
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Photograph of Two Bridges Over Salado Creek]

Description: Photograph of the first iron top bridge and a smaller pedestrian suspension bridge to the right; both bridges span the Salado Creek, and has trees surrounding it on both sides. The back of the photo has a note that says the first iron bridge lasted from 1892 to 1913, while the suspension bridge was "destroyed in 1900."
Date: [1892..1913]
Partner: Salado Public Library