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Dr. James Saunders

Description: Photograph of Mrs. L.B. Adams, Lillian Adams, and Bernard Adams fishing off a bridge over a creek or river. Mrs. L.B. Adams is wearing a dark skirt and white blouse and holding the hand of Bernard Adams. Lillian Adams is wearing a white dress and bonnet. In the foreground is a barbed-wire fence and tree limbs and in the background are many trees.
Date: unknown
Partner: Heritage House Museum


Description: Copy negative of four people and a child standing next to a river. An early automobile is parked on a ferry. From left to right, the people are an unknown ferry operator, Elizabeth Brown, J. L. Brown, Mrs. J. L. Brown (nee Jewel Newton), and Allen Spraggins.
Date: December 5, 1987
Creator: Cherokee County Historical Society
Partner: Cherokee County Historical Commission