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[Richmond School Children , ca. 1883-1885.]

Description: Photographic portrait of Richmond School Children , ca. 1883-1885. Photo shows man, two women, and 46 children. Photo is darkened and yellowed. It is mounted on a tan cardboard matte. Matte has all four corners broken off, with break at bottom left cutting across the image. Image is also torn along right edge near the bottom. Identifications were originally written in pencil on back of matte. Those that were dark enough to decipher were copied over in blue pen. Identifications are as follows, left to right, top to bottom: Fannie Lamar, Mary Kohan, Carrol Bar___, Mattie Bull, P_____ Dyer, Phil McGee, See Dyer, Walter McGowan, Jimmy Dyer, B_____ Davis, Bassett Blakely, Mary Kochan, __allie Ryon, Bille Dyan (Ryon?), Miss Julie Norwood, Mrs. Norwood, Mr. _______, Tonie Wessendorff, John Baker, Joe _______, _______,________, _______, ________, Nettie ________ [Laurie Winston], Kate _________, Howard Dyer, Will Andrus, Lizzie McGee, Pearlie Winston, Jennie Jones, Annie Sommerville, Lida Beker, Birdie Winston, Leila ________, Alex Davis, Charlie ______, Mildred ______, Mildred Davis, Minnie Mahue, Lillie Rambeau, Mamie Davis, Winnie Warford, Alli________, ________, ________, _______, _______, ______.
Date: 1883/1885
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[A group of people on mules.]

Description: Photo of a group of people on mules. Image is marked in silver on the bottom center of the matte, "PHOTOGRAPHIC SOUVENIR BY J.C.MCCLURE, MINERAL WELLS, TEXAS. Duplicate Can be Had by Referring to Number on Print." People identified in blue ink on back as, "L to R: Albert P. George, Mildred Booth, Mary Dee Booth, Archie Davis Jones, Girlie Slavin, Freeman Irby Booth, Mamie Davis George, Mrs. Ira Camp, J.W. Hamphil, Mrs. J.W. Slavin, Ira Camp."
Date: unknown
Creator: McClure, J.C.
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Albert P. and Mamie George house]

Description: Photographic print of Albert P. and Mamie George house (Ranch House at the George Ranch) in 1915. Photo shows the south face and the cistern tower. Partial view of large tree to right and left of photograph. Picket fence in front of house. Wire fence in foreground. Several wooden boxes are lined up along the wire fence line.
Date: 1915
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Students at Richmond Public School in 1887]

Description: Original mounted print on cardboard. Students at Richmond Public School. On the front row there are six girls seated on the left and there are five boys (one sitting and the rest kneeling) to the right of the photo. Students of Richmond Public School (about 1887) are identified as: Back Row: 1. Fanny Lamar 2. Mary Preister 3. ? 4. Mattie Bell 5. Reg. Dyer 6. ? 7. Cecil Dyer 8. ? 9. ? 10. Albert George 11. Bassett Blakely Second Row: 1. Minnie Preister 2. ? 3. Bell Dyer 4. Julia Norwood 5. ? Norwood 6. Professor Norwood 7. Tony Wessendorff 8. John Baker 9. ? 10. George Baker Third Row: 1. Bessie McCloy 2. Lillie Winston 3. ? 4. Nina Bell 5. Kate Eckman 6. Heard Dyer 7. ? 8. ? Fourth Row: Lizzie McGee 2. Pearl Winston 3. Jennie Jones 4. Annie Somerville 5. Lyda Baker 6. Bertie Winston 7. Lola Jones 8. Alex Davis 9. Charlie Andrews 10. Will Robinson Fifth Row: 1. Maybell Davis 2. Winnie McGee 3. Lilly Rambolt 4. Mamie Davis 5. Minnie Waffles 6. Allie Ogilby 7. Freddie Kochan 8. Earl McFarlane 9. Bush Pleasants 10. Len McFarlane 11. ?
Date: 1887
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Photograph of Mamie Davis George seated on a sofa with an unidentified woman]

Description: Photograph of Mamie Davis George seated on a sofa with an unidentified woman. George, who is seated to the left of the floral print sofa, is wearing wire rimmed glasses and has her graying hair pulled back into a bun at the nape of her neck. George is wearing a dark long sleeved dress with a leaf shaped brooch on the left side. The woman sitting on right is wearing a plaid print dress with two darker colored buttons below the v- necked collar and same colored belt at waist. She has graying hair and glasses. She is holding a cup in her right hand. There is a vase, seen between the two women, with floral arrangement on a table behind the sofa. There is a table with coffee/tea items on top of it. Back of photo is stamped "Robinson-". Photograph edges are intricately cut.
Date: 1945 - 1965
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

[Photograph of Mamie George]

Description: Photograph of Mamie George standing left of a large house plant with her husband A.P. George's portrait hanging on the wall behind her. Mamie is wearing a dark dress, with large buttons that go all the way down the front of the dress. She has dark rimmed glasses and her gray hair is parted in the middle and pulled back into a low bun. Her left arm is bent across her body and is slightly touching the plant. A.P. George is pictured in a dark three piece suit with a white shirt and dark tie. He is seated and his left hand is in his pocket, while is right hand is resting on his thigh. On the lower, right hand corner of the picture, the photographer's mark: "Robinson Copyrighted" The edges of the photograph are scalloped, and the photograph is mounted on an ivory, cardboard substrate. Enclosed in an ivory, cardboard folder.
Date: 1955 - 1971
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

[Mamie Davis, A.P. George, and Jennie Jones]

Description: Photograph (copy) of a Mamie Davis, A.P. George, and Jennie Jones when they were young (before A.P. and Mamie were married). Davis is wearing a dark colored dress with two pins pinned on her chest. She has her long hair loose down her back and on her right shoulder. She has her left hand on a floral arrangement. George is wearing a three piece dark suit with white shirt and dark tie. Jones is wearing a Dark dress with buttons down the front to waist. She is seated in a chair. Scanned image and dimensions are of the copy.
Date: 1891
Partner: Fort Bend Museum