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[A Bullfighting Ring in Mexico]

Description: Black and white photograph of a bullfight in a Mexican bullfight ring. Three individuals, dressed in traditional matador attire, are closing in on a bull. The matador closest to the bull is holding a sheet; the bull's head is in mid-thrust toward the sheet. The other two matadors stand close by. The stadium stands are filled with a crowd of spectators. Several advertisements in Spanish line the wall of the ring. The shadow of the opposite wall is cast on the ground.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society


Description: Map shows late nineteenth century state boundaries, railroads, major roads, mines, cities, villages, and haciendas. Relief shown by hachures. Scale [ca. 1:1,200,000].
Date: 1884
Creator: Garcia Cubas, Antonio
Item Type: Map
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

[Paso del Puente, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas]

Description: Juncture of Guerrero Avenue and the International Bridge in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. The street is lined with stores. There are people and cars along the street and sidewalk.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: Laredo Public Library

Oil Well

Description: Copy negative of two images. The image on the right shows an oil spindletop. Printed in the bottom margin is, "Oil Well. Tampico, Mexico." The image on the left shows an oil well erupting. Printed in the bottom margin is, "Naranjas No. 4 Oil Well. Tampico, Mexico."
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

Two women standing in front of the Kiosco in Matamoros

Description: Two women in casual dress are standing in front of a tiled wall with a metal railing on top of it. In between them, on the wall, is a tiled sign that says: "Fue construida siendo gobernador del estado el Gral del Div. Raul Garate L. Presidente de la Junta de la Administracion Civil el Sr. Leonides Guerra Lo proyecto y contruyo el Arcto Enrique Leon de la Evsra 1948" Translation: "Was constructed while being governor. Raul Garate L. President of the Civil Administration, Mr. Leonides Guerra. Projected and built by architect Enrique Leon de Evsra 1948" This is the Kiosco in the main Plaza de Armas in Matamoros.
Date: 1956
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: Rose Marine Theatre

[Tampico Mexico]

Description: Photo taken at Tampico Mexico. Photo is from the William Blackshear collection, which was donated to the Palestine Public Library.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: Palestine Public Library