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Life and Adventures of Ben Thompson the Famous Texan.

Description: This book is a biography of Ben Thompson, "Including a detailed and authentic statement of his birth, history and adventures by one who has known him since a child" (from the title page). The original of this item includes an insert from The Steck Company giving a brief overview of the history of the book (number of copies published, prices, etc.).
Date: 1956
Creator: Walton, W. M.
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

Homer Duggins Smith, Jr., United States Army Retired

Description: Copy print of a photograph of Major General Homer Duggins Smith, Jr. who was a Vietnam veteran and retired from the United States Army. Smith lived from February 16, 1922 through March 6, 2011. According to accompanying information, he was the first President of the Danish Heritage Preservation Society.
Date: March 2011
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Map to Illustrate War with Mexico

Description: This sheet contains two principal maps and a series of ancillary maps. The left half of the page contains a "Map to Illustrate War With Mexico" which uses colors to shade the areas delineating Mexico, the United States, and the territory acquired from Mexico by the United States. U.S. states are also outlined and labeled. Major cities, bodies of water, and geographic features are marked (with relief shown by hachures). There are two insets in the lower left corner titles "Vicinity of Matamoras" and "Route of Gen. Scott between Vera Cruz and Mexico." The right half of the page contains a "Map to Illustrate the War of 1812-1814" (top portion) as well as "Wars Against Indians 1790 and 1811" (centered within the bottom portion). There are also five ancillary maps around central map titled "Vicinity of Detroit," "Niagara River and Vicinity," "Vicinity of Plattsburg," "Southern Region of the War 1812-14." and "Vicinity of Baltimore" which seem to pertain to the top map of the War of 1812. Each of the maps is shaded in various colors to separate different regions and has cities, bodies of water, and geographic features marked. Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington
Date: 1885
Creator: A. S. Barnes & Co.
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Aerial Bombing Photo

Description: Copy negative of five aerial photographs of the bombing of Rangun, Burma, now Rangoon, Myanmar. There are details of the attack printed in the top left space and above each picture.
Date: unknown
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

Fighting Men of the Indian Wars: A Biographical Encyclopedia of the Mountain Men, Soldiers, Cowboys, and Pioneers Who Took Up Arms During America's Westward Expansion

Description: This book "is a compendium of America's Indian Wars and the mountain men, soldiers, cowboys and pioneers who took part in them" (dust-jacket). It includes information about all the major American Indian battles, the lives of notable men who fought in the battles, and the combat techniques employed. The index begins on page 247.
Date: 1991
Creator: O'Neal, Bill
Partner: Panola College

The Dallas Journal, Volume 46, 2000

Description: Annual publication containing genealogical information about families in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding area, including family histories, lists of records (births, deaths, registration, etc.), correspondence, and and other documentation. Name index begins on page 103.
Date: June 2000
Creator: Dallas Genealogical Society
Partner: Dallas Genealogical Society

[Soldiers Pay Record Book]

Description: Soldiers pay record book from World War I belonging to Andrew Jensen. Information recorded includes total monthly pay, deductions, net monthly pay, date paid, and the name of the quartermaster making the payment. According to the title page, this book was carried by the soldier for his own records. The book indicates that Jensen's total monthly wages were $33.00, and his net monthly pay, after $7.00 deducted for insurance, was $26.00. His monthly pat later went up to $40.20 total and $33.20 net. Jensen was drafted into the National Army on September 19, 1917 and reported to Bay City, Texas. The pay book was opened on January 1, 1919, and he returned to the U.S. from foreign service on June 15,1919. He applied for War Risk Insurance in the amount of $10,000.
Date: January 1, 1919
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

An improved edition of a map of the surveyed parts of the Territory of Michigan.

Description: Map shows early nineteenth century Michigan Territory township grid, counties, roads, swamps, cities, towns, and notable physical features. Lead mines and land plats on indicated in insets. Includes notes relating to War of 1812. Insets: "Map of the Straits of Michillimackinac from actual surveys" [stamped 1844], "Map of Pte. Ste. Ignace," "Map of the most important parts of the lead mine district near the Mississippi River" [stamped 1844], "Map of the private claims at Green Bay from actual surveys," and "Map of Michillimackinac Isle." Scale not given.
Date: 1836
Creator: Farmer, John, 1798-1859
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library