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[Construction at fleet berthing facility]

Description: Photograph of construction at the fleet berthing facilities in Orange, Texas. There is a motorboat docked along the shoreline in the foreground. Text in the lower-right corner says: "Brown & Root Inc. Contract Noy 13234. Fleet berthing facilities Orange, Texas. View of Const. from across river Opp. Pier 6. 7/19/46 No. 61."
Date: July 19, 1946
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Orange Central Fire Station]

Description: Photograph of the Orange Central Fire Station located on the corner of 7th and Elm. There are fire trucks parked in the driveways and five firemen are standing next to each of the trucks.
Date: unknown
Creator: Flickinger, Formerly Pridgen's Studio
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Photograph of Fleet Berthing Facilities, Orange, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a fleet berthing facility near Orange, Texas. There is a large pier with several large boats on top and behind it. In the center of the peer is a large tower with cables. In the background is a tree-covered hill and in the foreground is a stretch of water. Typed across the bottom right hand corner is, "Brown and Root Inc. Contract NOy 13243, Fleet Berthing Facilities, Orange/Texas, View of Pier 1 From Pier 2, 8/2/46, NO 64".
Date: August 2, 1946
Partner: Heritage House Museum


Description: Photograph of the tugboat named "Captain Chris Harms" or Harm's Marine Service, Orange, Texas. The print has some painting and cropping instructions on it.
Date: 1955~
Creator: Pridgen's Studio
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Tiger Stadium in 1948]

Description: Photograph of the field at Tiger Stadium at Stark High School in 1948. It was located at Fifteenth Street and Green Avenue. Photo is taken from the bleachers on one side of the football field.
Date: 1948
Creator: Merchant's Photo Studio
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Holland Hotel]

Description: Photograph of the Holland hotel. There is a car parked in front of the hotel and a cable coming from the side of the building. There is an "Orange Chamber of Commerce" sign on the right of the image.
Date: 1940~
Creator: B.A. Lang
Partner: Heritage House Museum