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[Unfinished Painting]

Description: Photographic reproduction of an unfinished painting by Richard Petri of a group of men watching a man and a woman (Native American) walk through a camp. The man is dressed in a military uniform.
Date: unknown
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

Painting of the First Rabbi of Beth-El Congregation, Rabbi Solomon Philo

Description: Painting of the first rabbi of Beth-El Congregation, Rabbi Solomon Philo (1842-1923). Hired on probation for $100 a month, he served the congregation for its first four months, from September through December of 1902. In the painting, he is a bearded man with white hair and waxed mustache studying from a book on a table in front of him. He wears a dark suit with a bow tie and black skull cap. There are two rings on his fingers and he is leaning on the table.
Date: unknown
Partner: Beth-El Congregation Archives

[Painting of Barton Springs and Mill]

Description: Photograph of a copy of an oil painting by A.M. Ramsey in 1882 of Barton Springs and Mill. The scene consists of the springs and creek in the foreground, as well as people and animals in and around them. The mill and other buildings are in the midground and background.
Date: 1882
Creator: Ramsey, A.M.
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Framed image of Mr. J.W. Slavin]

Description: Framed image of Mr. J.W. Slavin, proprietor of Thompsons Store between 1875 and 1920. Image: Charcoal-enhanced photographic print of Mr. J.W. Slavin. He has a moustache and receding hairline. Slavin is wearing a dark vest and suit jacket, ascot tie, and white shirt. Frame: Grey oval frame constructed of painted plaster over a wooden base. Raised design/appliqué at top, bottom, left, right with gold, orange, red, green, and blue highlights.
Date: 1895
Partner: Fort Bend Museum