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[APD detectives, 1960s]

Description: Photograph of six Arlington police detectives in an office. All are dressed in suits. One man is sitting at a desk with a typewriter. A large sign on the wall says "Think." Standing L-R: J.D. McGee, LeRoy Carmichael, Bob Parsons (leaning on the filing cabinet) and ?. Sitting L-R: Jack Green (with typewriter) and Tom Lee.
Date: 196u
Partner: Arlington Public Library

[Arlington Police Chief A.B. "Ott" Cribbs with VFW members raising a U.S. Flag at the opening of the Main St. Police Station]

Description: Photograph of four members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars standing with Chief Cribbs at a flag raising event for the opening of the Main Police Station at 717 W. Main Street. The men are standing at the front entrance of the building next to the flag pole. One of the VFW men is holding the U.S. Flag. Chief Cribbs is standing beside him with a cigar in his mouth. VFW members are wearing VFW hats. Left to Right: Bob Parsons, unknown, Chief Cribbs, unknown, Jack Green, and Bobby Wiggins.
Date: [196?]
Partner: Arlington Public Library

[APD police officers from the Texas Lawman Magazine, 1964, page 1]

Description: Photograph of a page taken from the 1964 Texas Lawman Magazine that shows photographs of the Arlington Police Department personnel. Left to right and top to bottom are: Police Chief A.B. "Ott" Cribbs, Herman Perry, Jack Green, Bob Easley, Clayton Jordon, James Long, J.D. McGee, Bob Parsons, Joe Phillips, Noel Pryor, L.L. Ray, Jim Roberts, Bill Taylor, Ed Watson, Harold White, Bobby Wiggins, Noah Wooten, Bill Wills, Mrs. Johnnie Featherston (meter maid), Betty Miller (secretary), Carl Ashley, Larry Barnett, Ben Bounds, Jim Bradley, James Carmichael, Glyn Carpenter, Glen Davee, Grady DeMoss, Del Dibbern, Gene Fuqua.
Date: 1964
Partner: Arlington Public Library