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[Certificate of Presentation: 1931 Boerne Gesang Verein Flag]

Description: Certificate of presentation of a 1931 Boerne Gesang Verein flag to the city of Boerne, Texas. Includes details of the history of the flag and the German immigrants who made it. The certificate is signed by Betty Thomas and Patrick Heath, president of the Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society and mayor of Boerne, respectively.
Date: November 16, 1994
Creator: Thomas, Betty & Heath, Patrick
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Photograph of Gesang Verein Group with 1893 Flag]

Description: Photograph of a group of men in suits, lined up in two rows, the first row holding a large flag a small star in the center and German writing on it. The group is standing in front a light-colored building with windows along the outside. A lightly spotted dog lays with its chin on the ground, to the left of the group, and a small tree is situated to the right of the group. Handwriting on the back of the photograph gives the location of the photo and the name of the group holding the flag.
Date: unknown
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[History of Boerne's Rare 1614 Low German Bible]

Description: A short guide about a Low German Lutheran Bible from 1614, which includes the book's history, the backgrounds of those involved in its creation, the mysteries surrounding the book, and the repairs done on it. A timeline summarizing the history of the book is also included on the back of the guide.
Date: unknown
Creator: Edwards, Bettie
Location Info:
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Postcard of Boerne Village Band]

Description: Postcard featuring a photograph of a group of men and women (mostly in traditional German dress) standing in front of and on a tall stage. Most of the people are holding various musical instruments. A small banner reading, "Boerne Village Band, Boerne, Texas, German Music Since 1860," is attached to the stage. In the background, the dark stage curtains are visible. The back of the postcard has postcard markings, a brief summary of the history of the band, a description of the photo (taken at Abendkonzerte) and a schedule of performance dates for the band.
Date: 1994
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library