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Pecan shellers of San Antonio: the problem of underpaid and unemployed Mexican labor

Description: A book about the livelihood of migrant Mexican pecan shellers. The book contains information concerning: the pecan-shelling industry in San Antonio, the earnings of the pecan shellers in 1938, the social lives of the pecan shellers, and the potential prospects of the pecan shellers.
Date: 1940
Creator: Menefee, Selden C.; Cossmore, Orin C. & Webb, John N.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Workers sweeping an arena

Description: Several workers maintain the floor of a large bull fighting arena while hundreds of people are in the audience. In the forefront there are there are two men in bullfighting regalia preparing for the event.
Date: unknown
Partner: Rose Marine Theatre

Men at LAMSA Gathering

Description: Photograph of fourteen men lined up side by side. All of the men are wearing full suits and neckties, five of the men are wearing eyeglasses and one wears sunglasses. One man is holding a hat by his side. In the background is a poster with "LAMSA" on it.
Date: unknown
Partner: Cattle Raisers Museum