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Five Individuals in the Denton Civic Center

Description: Four men and one woman standing in the new Denton Civic Center Building. The man to the far right is pointing up and talking while the two men left of him are looking where he is pointing. Identified are: J. David Thomas, Zeke Martin, and O'Neil Ford. Written on back of photo "1. J. David Thomas 2. ? 3. Zeke Martin (Mayor) 4. O' Neil Ford 5. ?
Date: 1967~
Partner: Denton Public Library

[Reprint Photograph of a Group of Men]

Description: Reprint photograph of a group of men in dark color suits with two sitting down and the rest standing up behind them. Text under the photographs separate the photographs as "before buying land" and "after buying land from Conway & Hoit. Mission, Tex". There is handwritten text on the back that reads "Hoyd = This is re-print taken in 1908. Just found original in files. Yours truly, Jas. Bryan." "Jim Hill, Wm. J. Bryan, Hoit x Conway standing back".
Date: 1908
Partner: The University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley

[Group Photograph of a Military Company]

Description: Photograph of a military company with rows of men sitting down. On the bottom row two small dogs are visible on the laps of soldiers as well as one solider holding a flag. Handwritten text on the back reads "Walter - 2nd from right holding flag".
Date: unknown
Partner: The University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley

[Soldiers Grouped Around a Platform]

Description: Photograph of soldiers grouped around a speaker platform where one man is speaking. Along with the speaker there is two men taking photos on the platform. The soldiers watching have one hand raised with some men holding onto flags.
Date: unknown
Partner: The University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley
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