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[Workers Clean up Park Area]

Description: Photograph of Palestine city workers cleaning up the park area across Crockett Road from Reagan Park to ready it for the arrival of the Neches Depot.
Date: c. 1970
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: Palestine Public Library

[Third Anderson County Courthouse]

Description: Photograph of an ornate building identified as the Anderson County Courthouse in Palestine, Texas. In the foreground, the lawn has been landscaped. In 1885, Palestine, like most of the country, was in the midst of a depression, complicated by a series of railroad strikes, so there was little new construction. However, Anderson County had to have a new courthouse because the old one was literally falling down. And they were determined to have the finest and most up-to-date building that could be constructed. The Architect that was hired was William C. Dodson of Waco and building commenced in June of 1885 after demolition was completed on the old building. It was completed in May 1886 at a cost of $40,000 and was indeed impressive looking with it's tall three story dome and clocktower. The life of the building was cut short when a couple of incendiaries set fire to it on the night of January 6, 1913, in order to destroy evidence against one of them. The plan failed because the actual court records were housed in fireproof rooms, which were not damaged.
Date: c. 1885
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: Palestine Public Library

Map of Palestine: Anderson County, Texas.

Description: Map of late-nineteenth century Palestine, Texas street names, buildings, parks, churches, businesses, cemeteries, railroads, block numbers, lot numbers, and ownership. Scale [1:6,300].
Date: [1869..1889]
Item Type: Map
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library