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Dr. Burr Family

Description: Family portrait of the Dr. Burr family. There are four men and four women. Three of the women are seated. One wears a white blouse and skirt, the elderly woman in the center wears a black dress and glasses and looks at the camera, and the other seated woman wears a dress with a dark shawl with lace. The young standing woman wears a dark dress with white lace and a bow. The men stand behind the seated women and wear dark suits with ties. They are in-between four potted ferns that sit on top of doily-covered tables. The room is wallpapered and there is a rug on the floor. Written on the bottom border is, "Mahoney".
Date: unknown
Creator: Mahoney
Partner: Heritage House Museum

Alta Beall Blanton in a Carriage

Description: Photograph of Alta-Beall Blanton as a baby wearing a white dress and a bonnet and seated in a wicker carriage on a white pillow with ruffles. In the background is the side of a building with a window and a potted plant in front of it.
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of the Ellis and Blanton Families

Royal Inn Cafe, Follett, Texas

Description: Photograph of the interior of the Royal Inn Cafe in the Laubhan Hotel in Follett, Texas. In the foreground on the right side of the frame is a rug, an upholstered sofa, and a host stand. On the left side of the frame stretching all the way into the back of the room is a wooden bar with bar stools surrounding it. Behind the bar a shelf filled with many things including a cash register, cigar boxes, and plants. On the right side of the frame stretching to the back are four tables with chairs. The tables are covered in white tablecloths and have dining setups on them. At the back of the room stands two people, one man dressed as a server with a white apron and one woman wearing a white apron and cook's hat. There are two signs on the wall that read, "Hot Waffles" and "Home Made Pies".
Date: 1920
Partner: Wolf Creek Heritage Museum