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[J.H.P. Davis bank building]

Description: Copy of photo of J.H.P. Davis bank building,3rd St., Rosenberg, Texas. Two story brick building with metal awning over first floor, arched windows on second floor. Sign on corner of building for Meyer-Forster Land and Loan Co.
Date: 1910
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Ox team pulling a wagon through downtown]

Description: Copy of photo of ox team (12 oxen) pulling a wagon through downtown Rosenberg. J.H.P. Davis Building/ Meyer Forster Land and Loan is in the background. Man in black suit by wagon is identified as H.E. Boring. Photo is labeled on front by photographer, "Old Timers, Rosenberg, Texas, Photo by Holmans."
Date: 1915
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Man reclining in a wooden chair]

Description: Photograph of man reclining in a wooden chair in an sparsely furnished office. Man is identified on the back of the photo in blue pen as "Grandpa James S. Alley, Rosenberg, Texas, Real Estate Office in Rosenberg about 1906-1912 on 3rd St." Calendar on wall dates to 1911. Alley is leaning back on the back legs of a wooden chair, reading the newspaper. There are three more chairs in the room, one in front of him and two behind him. Wall of office is made of horizontal wainscoting, white at the top, black at bottom 1.5 ft. Image is mounted on a black cardboard matte. Matt is broken away along the top and right edges of the image. Image dimensions: 17.4 cm x 12.0 cm
Date: 1911
Partner: Fort Bend Museum