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Christmas Tree in Union Church

Description: Photograph of the interior of the Lipscomb Union Church showing a decorated Christmas tree on the left side of the frame and a piano topped with lace and decorations on the right side. Tinsel, bows, and balls cover the tree with a star at the top. Behind the tree are rows of chairs and in front is a small railing. On the wall on the right side of the frame are two windows, a clock, four bows, and two wreaths. In the foreground is a row of five chairs, or pews. Two lights hang from the ceiling.
Date: unknown
Partner: Wolf Creek Heritage Museum

[Christmas Greeting Card from Ralph Vaughan to Jack Vaughan]

Description: Greeting card from Ralph Vaughan to Jack Vaughan, sent at Christmas. The front of the card shows a drawing of a man and woman in a horse-drawn sleigh, and the inside shows the man and woman walking away. Ralph writes about his upcoming transfer, and apologizes for not answering Jack's letter in a timely manner.
Date: 194u
Creator: Vaughan, Ralph L.
Partner: Arlington Public Library

[Christmas Wishes from Mildred Reddy, December 2, 1942]

Description: Christmas greeting card from Mildred Reddy to Jack Vaughan, on December 2, 1942. The front shows a drawing of an American flag enclosed in a star, with a red, white, and blue musical staff in the background. She wishes him a merry Christmas, and hopes that he and the army will make it back safely.
Date: December 2, 1942
Creator: Garvin, Mildred Reddy
Partner: Arlington Public Library