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[Illustrated Song Postcard, "Go on Smiling": Part 2]

Description: Postcard addressed to Mamie Collins in Central City, Nebraska, and is one of a set of four similar cards. The photograph shows a woman standing on a stone wall and looking down at a man sitting below another wall with a beam of sunlight shining from her face to his body; the caption underneath reads: "We'll be wedded to each other and the sunshine will be smiling on us too." There is also a note written on the back of the card in red ink.
Date: October 22, 1908
Creator: Scott & Van Altena
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch

[Correspondence Between Charles William Sloman and Two Reverends]

Description: Correspondence between Charles William Sloman and Reverend William McCracken concerning the sending of the marriage certificate of Charles and Sarah Sloman when they were married in New Orleans. Sloman's letter was received in New Orleans at Rector Grace Church, and forwarded to McCracken in Nebraska; he had moved here from New Orleans and the letter dated July 6, 1891 asks the new reverend there to send him the information needed. The final letter is sent to Sloman from McCracken in which he says he had enclosed the marriage certificate.
Date: {1891-06-28, 1891-07-06, 1891-07-17}
Creator: Sloman, Charles William & McCracken, William
Partner: Galveston Historical Foundation

[Wedding Portrait of Couple]

Description: Wedding portrait of a man wearing a suit and bow tie and a woman wearing a white dress, standing on either side of an artificial rock with a painted backdrop behind them. A handwritten note on the back of the photo says "Mama & Dady's wedding picture. Kiker album."
Date: unknown
Creator: Praytor, W. B.
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis

[Two Wedding Invitations from Judge and Mrs. Edward Reeves Kone]

Description: Wedding invitations sent from Mr. and Mrs. Edward Reeves Kone, one for the reception of "their daughter Eula Lee and Mrs. Wallace Bruce Colbert on the afternoon of Wednesday the eleventh of November." The other invitation is for the actual wedding itself of their daughter Edna and Verner Moore Lewis at the Methodist Episcopal Church in San Marcos, Texas on November 16, 1904.
Date: 1904~
Creator: Kone, Edward Reeves & Kone, Mrs. Edward Reeves
Partner: Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead

[Wedding article]

Description: Photograph of a newspaper clipping of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Cuellar at Chicago, Illinois. The article briefly describes the wedding ceremony and its guests.
Date: 19uu
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Portrait of Bride and Groom]

Description: Portrait of bride and groom where groom is slightly behind bride on her right side. The bride is wearing a elegant hat while holding arrangement of flowers. The groom is wearing a tuxedo with a flower pinned to his jacket.
Date: January 13, 1945
Partner: Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas

[ Portrait of Bride and Groom Standing with Children]

Description: Portrait of bride and groom standing with children outside. The groom is wearing a suit and tie. The bride is wearing a wedding dress while holding a flower arrangement. The bride has a necklace on. The little boy is wearing a suit with a bow tie. The little girl has a dress on with a head covering. The little girl is holding onto the bride's wedding dress. There is a building and trees in the background.
Date: October 1952
Partner: Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas

[Husband and Wife Portrait]

Description: Portrait of a husband and wife after getting married; the woman is wearing her wedding dress and sitting on a wicker chair covered in a large scarf, the husband is standing to her left and wearing his nice suit.
Date: unknown
Creator: Bergstrom, J. L.
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch

[Couple portrait]

Description: Photograph of a groom and his wife, in wedding attire, in front of a forest backdrop. The man is sitting down on a wooden chair while the women stands next him, holding a bouquet with her left hand and grabbing the man's shoulder with her right hand.
Date: 19uu
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Adelaida L. Cuellar wedding article]

Description: Photograph of a newspaper clipping of the Cuellar-Marino wedding at Chicago, Illinois. On the top right corner is the portrait of Adelaida L.Cuellar. The article announces the wedding of Adelaida L. Cuellar and Justin F. Marino as well as a brief list of their accomplishments.
Date: 19uu
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Woman and bride]

Description: Photograph of a formally dressed woman and a bride standing outside on a sidewalk.The woman on the left is wearing a short sleeved dress with a formal hat. The woman on the right grabs the other woman's right arm with both hands.
Date: April 13, 1953
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Wedding newspaper article]

Description: Photograph of a group portrait in a wedding ceremony at Tulsa, Oklahoma. Both men on the left are wearing suits with black ties, next to them is a women in wedding gown holding a bouquet, and on the very right is a bridesmaid also holding a bouquet. Title on top: "Matrimonio Flores-Villareal en Tulsa, Oklahoma." ( *Translation of title from Spanish: Flores-Villarreal Marriage in Tulsa, Oklahoma.) The article summarizes the wedding of Elena Villarreal and Bruno Flores and the presence of their parents of both sides of the family along with the best man, Herminio Cuellar accompanied by his wife Isabel Flores de Cuellar as the maid of honor. Their wedding took place at the Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After the ceremony they left for their honeymoon at Dallas, Texas and visited other cities before finally settling in Swissport, Louisiana. The back of the album page has a newspaper clipping of Mary McGee, an airline hostess guest speaking at high schools in Wichita, Kansas and another story about Rev. Mark K. Carroll giving a sermon to young people at St. Mary's Cathedral.
Date: 19uu
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Luis Alvarado and Mariá Cuellar wedding portrait]

Description: Photograph of Luis Alvarado and Mariá Cuellar dressed for a wedding ceremony. Luis is wearing a tuxedo suit with a white bow and black trousers. Mariá is wearing a white gown and veil while holding a large bouquet with calla lillies. Written on photo: "A Frank y Julia como un risueño de nuestro enlace" - Luis y Mariá. ( *Translation from Spanish: To Frank and Julia as a promising sign of our wedding. ) Written on back: "Luis Alvarado, Maria Cuellar, Frank Cuellar."
Date: 19uu
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections