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Human hair wig

Description: Man's human hair wig sewn in strips on a net; donor says it belonged to "Capt. Wm. Davis - whaling vessel owner out of Nantucket" who was his maternal great great step-grandfather
Date: unknown
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

"Glimpses of Texas"

Description: Pages 401 and 432 of a booklet that includes traveler's descriptions and illustrations of life, topography, etc. in Texas. These pages include a poem ("Somewhere") and a portion of an anecdote titled, "The Black Marble."
Date: unknown
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

Toy sewing machine

Description: Hand-crank toy sewing machine; all metal, painted black with floral patterned design in gold, red and brown; maker's mark, "Eagle", made in Germany, probably first quarter of 20th century
Date: unknown
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

[Photograph of a Dead Tree]

Description: This photograph is focused on the remains of a dead tree, still standing, in a field of dry brush. To the left is shorter tree. In the background there is a small building to the left and a telephone pole; to the right, there are more trees and mountains. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Original prayer tree died from unknown causes."
Date: unknown
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Bloys Campmeet Pageant

Description: This photograph shows a large group of people standing in a semi-circle under a tree. The people are all dressed up in fancy clothing or pioneer-style clothing. In the back, there are ten women and one man of various ages, but all relatively young, as well as five young children in the front. It appears to be nighttime. There are several handwritten notes on the back. The first notes give these names: "1. Jean Shannon," "4. Sue Johnson," "5. Chere Livingston," "6. Lois Burns," "10. Sargie Ruth Jones." Additionally, there are notes that say, "Re-enactment" and "Bloys Campmeet Pageant."
Date: unknown
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[Bishop Family House]

Description: This photograph shows a house situated on a lawn. In the foreground, there are low bushes and plants lining the yard which is grassy and has scattered plants throughout. The house is a single story with several windows and a patio with several posts and a low wall enclosing it. There is ivy covering the near corner of the house and several of the posts around the patio. In the background, there are several tall trees. There is a handwritten note on the back of the frame: "Made adobes. Bishop house where Audrey Minms lives now."
Date: unknown
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Three Women with an Umbrella

Description: Photograph of three friends in long-sleeved dresses sitting on a mowed lawn with an umbrella. The girl in the center is wearing a checkered dress. In the background is a wooden fence, several trees, a telephone pole and large houses.
Date: unknown
Partner: Heritage House Museum

Know Your Enemy: Japan!

Description: A pamphlet published during World War II about Japan, organized into sections answering ten questions: I. How large is the Japanese Empire? -- II. Is Japan self-sufficient in food? -- III. Is Japan self-sufficient in raw materials? -- IV. How will Japan's conquests in Southern Asia affect her raw material position? -- V. If Japan is so poor in raw materials, how was she able to become a great industrial power? -- VI. What are the present living standards of the Japanese people? -- VII. Who owns Japanese banks and industry? -- VIII. How is Japan governed? -- IX. Are there Trade Unions in Japan? -- X. What is Japan's naval and military strength?
Date: 1942
Creator: Jenkinson, Anthony
Partner: Arlington Historical Society’s Fielder House Museum

Cherokee County History

Description: This volume discusses the history of Cherokee County including its communities, geography, and major events. The statement on the dedication page says: "This book is the story of Cherokee County from its earliest days through its founding and development and the achievements of its people to the present -- its rich heritage from its founders, its lasting contributions to the Republic of Texas, the State of Texas, the Confederate States of America, and the United States of America. This book highlights Cherokee County's place in time" (p. iv). Index starts on page 707.
Date: 2001
Creator: Cherokee County Historical Commission (Tex.)
Partner: Cherokee County Historical Commission

Legacies: A History Journal for Dallas and North Central Texas, Volume 19, Number 02, Fall, 2007

Description: Biannual publication "devoted to the rich history of Dallas and North Central Texas" as a way to "examine the many historical legacies--social, ethnic, cultural, political--which have shaped the modern city of Dallas and the region around it." This issue focuses on "Dallas Pioneers."
Date: 2007
Creator: Dallas Heritage Village
Partner: Dallas Historical Society

[The Construction of the Post Office]

Description: Written on front of picture is the partial holograph legend: ".ade from the North east ...ner looking Southwest made May the 3rd 1912" It shows the construction of what would eventually be the third Post Office at 201 N.E. 2nd Street. A shear-legs is shown on the extreme left. The workers have clearly stopped work for the taking of the photograph, which is featured in "Time Once Was in Mineral Wells" on page 150. The building now [2014] houses the Women's Club.
Date: May 3, 1912
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library