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[Postcard from Jesse to John Herrera]

Description: Postcard to John J. Herrera, undated and covered on the outside with color illustrations of street scenes with the text "Souvenir Folder of New Orleans, Louisiana" across the top. The folder opens to reveal multiple color illustrations of buildings and monuments in New Orleans with captions to identify. The handwritten message reads "Just me! 'Doe!' am passing thru and will drop you a letter later. Jesse". The text on the interior reads "New Orleans, LA., America's most interesting city" as well as a lengthy description of the sights and history of New Orleans.
Date: unknown
Partner: Houston Metropolitan Research Center at Houston Public Library

Shade for the Parade

Description: Photograph of part of the crowd on the shady side of the street at the Annual Rodeo Parade on July 2, 1957. The temperatures were almost 100 degrees, so many viewers stayed in the shade of the buildings until the head of the parade come their way.
Date: 1957
Partner: Taylor Public Library

Residential View on Main Street

Description: Postcard of the residential view on Main Street, looking north from the intersection of Sixth Street, Taylor. Note the mansions lining the left side of the street. Correspondence on the back of the postcard in Swedish, very faded.
Date: 192?
Partner: Taylor Public Library

Main Street, Taylor, Texas

Description: Postcard of a general view of Main Street in downtown Taylor. Note the horse-drawn buggies on the right side of the street and the man leaning against his car on the left side. There is no correspondence on the back of the postcard.
Date: 190?
Partner: Taylor Public Library

North On Main Street

Description: Postcard of a street view looking north on Main Street, from the corner of the Sixth Street intersection. Note the mansions on the left of the street, the horse drawn cart, man on a bicycle and a man walking. There is correspondence on the back in Swedish.
Date: 1910
Partner: Taylor Public Library

West Second Street From Main

Description: Postcard showing the view of West Second Street from the intersection of Main & Second Street, Taylor. The building on the left side of the street is First National Bank. Can see horse-drawn wagons along side of the road. There is no correspondence on the back of the postcard.
Date: 189?
Partner: Taylor Public Library