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[Ahavath Sholom Sunday School Students]

Description: Photograph of the Ahavath Sholom Congregation Sunday School students. They are standing on the front steps outside the synagogue in the 800 block of Taylor Street in Fort Worth, Texas. From left to right, top to bottom, the students in the photograph are: Row 1: Betty Carshon, Rachel Kruger, Dora Laves, Lena Rovinsky, Udys Weinstein, Lily Dworkin, Joe Ray Schwartzberg. Row 2: Charlie Anton, Milton Mehl, Arthur Rosenbaum, Charlotte Ray, Lily Levine, Molly Finger, Freda Hurwitz, Rae Carshon, Mary Bliss, Sylvia Shosid. Row 3: Alex Victor, William Hurwitz, Irving Kershman, Julius Scolnic, Mary Resnick, Sophia Blum, Mary Herman, Ida Berg, Beatrice Frankrich, Reva Nebrat, Gertrude Ellis, Raymond Dan. Row 4: Sidney Deutch, David Tuck, Rubin Anton, Norma Resnick, Lily Alpert, Rose Chicotsky, Hannah Chicotsky, Anna Gordon, Martha Daiches. Row 5: Nathan Frankel, Abe Goldstein, Abe Shosid, Paul Herman, Johanna Winer, Sadie Rovinsky, Sarah Garston, Irving Rosenthal. Row 6: Sidney Marks, Minnie Snofsky, Esther Klimist, Rebecca Lutsky, David Bernstein, Max Perlman, Sarah Kruger, Rosalie Bliss. Row 7: Morris Schwartz, Grace Dworkin, Lola Bozokofsky, Hyman Jacobson, Cecil Bozokofsky, Helen Kassover, Sonia Gulila, Sam Weisblatt, Florence Kassover, Patricia Jacobson.
Date: 1925
Creator: Jernigan Studios
Partner: Fort Worth Jewish Archives

[Photograph of a Sunday School Group]

Description: Photograph of a Sunday School group standing outside. The group consists of children sitting in the front, women behind them, and men standing in the back. Reverend L.C. Hernandez is standing on the right in a dark colored suit. Trees are visible behind the group.
Date: July 17, 1949
Partner: Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Sunday School Class

Description: Copy negative of the Simmons Amoma Bible Class at the First Baptist Church in Abilene, Texas. There are twenty-four women wearing white blouses and long black skirts. Some are wearing neckties. In the front row is a man in a dark suit and tie. Two women in the front row are holding a cushion with a symbol on it, one woman is holding a dog and another is holding a banner that reads, "AMOMA". Printed across the bottom of the photograph is, "Simmons Amoma Bible Class First Baptist Church, Abilene Texas". Written across the bottom margin is, "Fall Team 1912".
Date: unknown
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library